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Moving Costs: Guide for Local and Long-Distance Movers

Whether you’re planning to move nearby or across the country, the moving process comes with a lot to think about. When should you start packing? When should the movers come? What type of truck will you need? Will you put some of your belongings in storage? 

But before you figure out all those answers, the top of your to-do list usually has to do with the cost of moving. Though this can be a confusing topic, we have you covered. Check out our guide to learn more about what a binding moving estimate is, and different types of moving costs and how they’re calculated.

1. Non-Binding Estimates

A non-binding moving estimate is calculated based on the weight of your belongings, which means your final moving cost could be different than your original estimate. A non-binding estimate is not ideal, because it means you could end up paying a lot more than you planned for when it comes time to move. This is because fluctuations in the total price are determined upon completion and may include services or fees that were not included from the original moving estimate.

2. Binding Estimates

A binding moving estimate is calculated based on the weight of your belongings. Your moving company agrees to charge exactly what they’ve originally estimated, even if the actual weight ends up being more or less than your original estimate. You are locked into a specific price, meaning you won’t have to worry about any unexpected moving fees. 

3. Binding Not-to-Exceed Estimates

A binding not-to-exceed estimate is calculated based on the weight of your belongings, and is an ideal option whether you’re planning a local or long-distance move. If you agree to this type of moving cost, you will get an estimate based on the weight of your belongings. If you choose to bring additional goods or add extra services, your moving company will honor the same discounted rate at the price per pound of the original estimate. If the total weight of your belongings is less than the estimate, your final bill will be reduced to reflect the actual costs.

What to Look for In a Moving Company

Now that you better understand the different types of moving costs and how they’re calculated, you’ll be better equipped to find the right movers for your needs. Here are some other tips on what to look for in a moving company:

  • Transparency
  • Timely responses
  • Likability
  • Integrity
  • Going beyond expectations
  • Professional-looking uniforms
  • Working with you to meet your goals

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