Having a baby? Hire a Mover

When you move, bumps in the road are to be expected; baby bumps not so much.  If for whatever reason you find yourself with a baby on the way and a move in the works, safety is a top priority.  So, should you be carrying boxes when you’re carrying babies? We at Colonial Van Lines did some research on the subject of long-distance moving while pregnant and here are some facts, tips, and words of wisdom.

Long Distance Moving While Pregnant and How to Do It Safely

If at first moving while pregnant sounds somewhere along the lines of running with scissors or driving while intoxicated, it may be a bit of an exaggeration.  With the proper precautions, you can get your little angel and yourself into your new house safely, sanely, and hopefully before your third trimester. 

Ask the Doctor about Moving while Pregnant

Before you think about heavy lifting, visit the doctor. If he or she finds complications, you may be ‘ordered’ to sit this one out. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, if you’re lifting for more than an hour a day, and are less twenty weeks along, then 18 pounds is the cut-off. If you are more than 20 weeks along, limit it to 13. 

If you are unsure about Moving while pregnant Get Help

You might think of moving while pregnant like multitasking. You can do two things at once, but you probably can’t do either as well as you would if you were only doing just one of them. When you’re carrying the baby, we say focus on carrying the baby. Leave the lifting, decluttering, and packing to the professionals.

Lift and Bend Safely

Not so fun fact about pregnancy? It increases the hormone relaxin, which loosens the ligaments that help the body perform labor. That, along with posture changes and extra weight, can make for a moving disaster in every sense of the term. Avoid injuries by resisting your natural inclination to bend your spine and lift boxes with your arms outstretched. The hip hinge method (straddling the items, bending your knees, bending from the hip with a straight back, holding the item close to you, and lifting using your legs) is a safer option.

Pro-Tip: Leave all packing that requires a stepladder to us professionals or other able-bodied members of the family.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Pack

Depending on what trimester you are in, you may have surges of energy and mental motivation to get it all done before baby arrives, but trust us, we see clients wait to the last minute and fizzle out in exhaustion too. Be sure to start your move well in advance. Prepare to take rests every half hour to put your feet up, thereby avoiding swelling of the lower extremities.

Declutter Before You Pack

Needless to say, the less you have to pack, the fewer breaks you’ll have to take, and the sooner the task will be over. Check out the Konmari method for decluttering inspiration. Having a decluttered home will bring peace and serenity to you as you enter this new stage of life or welcome another child into your world.

Beat Pregnancy Brain While Moving

You know that constant fog that seems to cover your mind when you’re pregnant? There’s a name for that. Beat pregnancy brain by making lists and marking calendars in advance. (Think transferring the cable and booking the movers). Also, consider using our Moving Service App for labeling boxes, checklists, creating an estimate, and more.

Assemble a Moving Day Kit

When you’re packing, set aside a few moving day essentials. If you’re moving while pregnant, these should include something you can sit on to take breaks, drinks, and snacks to refuel your electrolytes and boost your hydration levels, an overnight bag with clothes in it, medicines and prenatal vitamins, toiletries (emphasis on the toilet paper), and a phone charger.

Careful on the Stairs

It may seem to go without saying but falling is one of the most common pregnancy-related accidents because of your body’s shift in gravity. Wear shoes with good support and grip to avoid a nasty tumble.

Pregnant Women Should Avoid Toxic Chemicals While Moving

Whether you’re moving to a new environment or moving out of an old one, keep it safe by using eco-friendly supplies for cleaning and renovating. Avoid harsh chemicals, strong fragrances, glue, paint, and dust.

Moving While Pregnant: Moving as Little Possible with the Help of Colonial Van Lines

Of all the tips we can give you on long-distance moving while pregnant, the best of all is to do as little of it as possible. No matter how important your move is, the safety of your baby comes first. Luckily, with Colonial Van Lines, you don’t have to move a finger.

To put it metaphorically, when our long-distance moving customers say, “Jump,” we say, “How high?” With our full range of services, we can customize a package around your budget and your needs. You tell us your budget and we adjust accordingly. Whether it’s packing that you need, storage that you seek, or a corporate relocation that needs to be done right, our licensed and insured movers will stand by your side providing end to end service.

Packing Services

Hey, hey mama. Looking to hack the pack? With our flexible packing services and our experienced movers, we’ll have the packing done in a hot second. We’ll show up at your door with a variety of packing materials, quickly and professionally wrap your items, and arrange them carefully on to our trucks for transport.

Storage Services

That glass table seemed like a great idea when you bought it, but now that the baby’s coming, you’re thinking safety over décor. When you have an item that’s too good to sell or throw out and moving it into the new house is just bad parenting, our storage facilities provide a safe, reliable, easy solution. Our clean, spacious storage units are available for both long and short-term storage.

Customized Affordable Service Plans

If you’re moving while pregnant, that means soon you’re going to have another mouth that costs money to feed. At Colonial, we keep our prices low, our service efficient, and our plans flexible. You tell us what your move requires, and we’ll tailor an affordable plan that works for you.  We’ll even send you a free rate quote so you can see where all your expenses are coming from before you sign a contract.

No worries, mama, we got this one for you! Request our free rate quote today and we’ll take care of all the bumps in the road!

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