Colonial Van Lines: The Nation’s Top Moving Company

When it comes to hiring moving services, you know it’s important to find the best moving company for your needs. While there are dozens of moving companies in existence, not all of them are well-suited to cater to you or your individual relocation needs. Luckily, Colonial Van Lines is one of the best moving companies in the nation and is here to help you access all the services you need for a simple and straightforward move. Here are just a few of the top perks of working with us:

Reason 1: Our Expertise is the Best Around

Moving is one of those industries where experience matters. Luckily, our team has the experience you need to feel comfortable with your moving professionals. With over 50 years of experience in the moving industry, and upwards of 200 agents throughout the country who are ready to help you move, we make it easy to trust the team and know that your move will go off without a hitch.

Reason 2: Our Professionalism Will Make You Feel at Home

If you’ve ever worked with a moving company before, there’s a good chance you have a horror story about how unprofessional and unprepared the moving company was. Unfortunately, this sometimes seems like the norm in the long distance moving industry.

Luckily, it’s not the case with Colonial Van Lines. As the top moving company in the Nation, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and strive to ensure every interaction you have with our team is a positive one.

Whether you’re contacting our offices for a quote or working face-to-face with our movers on moving day, you can trust our team will always be professional and courteous enough to make you feel right at home.

Reason 3: A Dedication to Making Moving Easier

We know how difficult moving can be and we’re here to make it easier. Thanks to our decades of experience, we’ve seen just about every challenge moving can throw, from broken belongings to locked storage sheds and rude movers.

We’ve also built our business around helping you avoid those things. Today, Colonial Van Lines is 100% dedicated to making your upcoming move easier to handle.

From offering the moving supplies you need to providing the storage and packing services to help you care for your belongings, Colonial Van Lines promises to be right here with you every step of the way, making it simpler than ever before to get from one place to another.

Reason 4: Competitive Pricing

Nobody wants to break the bank to pay for moving services. Luckily, Colonial Van Lines won’t make you. All our offerings are competitively priced, so you can afford to pay for them and still make the mortgage. Don’t forget that we offer free price quotes on all our moving services, so you can get an idea of what you’ll expect to pay before the move begins. This helps you plan your move better and make smart financial decisions throughout the process.

Reason 5: Professional Moving Services

When it comes to finding professional moving services, Colonial Van Lines are the movers to call. Thanks to our experience and ample history in the moving business, we have a deep understanding of what our customers want and how we can better provide it for them. As such, we offer the following services:

  • Long Distance Moving Services: Designed to get you across the country or as far as you need to go, our professional long distance moving services go the distance for you. Designed to help you avoid interruptions and enjoy an easier move, our moving services aim to reduce problems and streamline the process.
  • Packing and Storage: Don’t want to pack or store your items on your own? No problem! Our moving team offers the packing and storage services you need to get the job done.
  • Corporate Relocation: Move your office with our professional moving services.

Better Moving Starts Here!

When it comes time to start your move, look no further than Colonial Van Lines. The top moving company in the nation, Colonial Van Lines boasts five decades of successful service, happy customers, and honed skills. Contact us today for a free moving quote or to speak with one of our helpful team members about planning your move. No matter what phase of long distance moving you’re in, we’re always ready and willing to help you create a plan of action and stick to it. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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