Moving with Kids – How to Break the News without Breaking Their Heart

Is your family making a significant move, and do you need to break the news to your children? Telling your kids that they’re moving can be challenging. Many new experiences await the entire family: a new home, new neighborhood, new school, new friends, and ultimately a new life. 

As overwhelming as it may seem to coordinate travel plans and cement work opportunities, imagine how powerless your grade school or teenage child might feel. They’re at the mercy of your judgment and have to trust that this sudden uprooting of their lives will turn out for the best. With unknown factors hanging in the balance for everyone, here are a few ways to break the news, create space for an exciting transition for the entire family, and make moving with kids a lot easier. 

Plan to Have the Talk with Your Children

How will you share the news of your family’s big move with your children? Select a moment when you typically come together and use this time to talk. Make this time sacred and prepare for what to say. Keep your conversation simple and age-appropriate. Think about speaking to older children separately and encouraging them to lend support by advocating the move to the younger ones. 

Remind Your Kids That They Will Still Be Connected

With so many new ways to reach out via social media, video conferencing apps, and physical visits, it’s easier to assure your child that some parts of their old home will remain with them. If possible, speak to the parents of your children’s closest friends and coordinate a path for them to stay connected. Learn about club and group activities like ballet classes and soccer clubs to continue doing what they love in their new home. 

Research new opportunities that your middle-schooler or teenager can get involved in that they may not have had the chance to in their current home. Contact teachers and discover academic strengths and weaknesses that you can become aware of to support their new teachers during their transition. Do a goodbye ceremony that encourages your kids to appreciate the home and community that has provided a strong foundation for them throughout their lives. 

Keep Your Children Involved with Show-and-Tell

If you have access to photos of your new home, neighborhood, or possible new friends, share these images with your children often. Show excitement and enthusiasm about what they can create once they move. Depending on the distance, take a trip to your new community to help familiarize your kids with the area they’ll soon be calling home.

Breathe and Prepare for Resistance

You may face some resistance when the gravity of the move starts to set in for your kids. Take a deep breath, remember the frustration is not personal, and do your best to hold space for the emotional ups and downs your children may face. Be patient and trust that all will work in favor of the entire family.

Generate Excitement about What’s to Come

With so many emotions flowing around this huge move, don’t forget to generate excitement and stay positive. As the parent, you have the opportunity to choose how excited and certain you are about the gift presented by this move.

Release doubt and embrace excitement! Lead by example and address concerns with patience and confidence. Do your best to maintain a sense of routine throughout the process—it will do wonders for your young child’s self-esteem. You made the right decision.

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