How to prepare for a live-in nanny

For decades, nannies have been the inspiration for everything from sitcoms to romcoms, and from award-winning musicals to reality television shows. But, believe it or not, nannies do exist, and they do have jobs to do. If you’re preparing for a live-in nanny, Colonial Van Lines has some tips to help you prepare.

Make no mistake about it. Nannies don’t just show up at your door selling makeup, nor do they fly down from the sky on an umbrella. Finding someone to take of your children (and live in your home) is a serious business. According to Becky Kavanaugh, co-president of the International Nanny Association, when you find the right one, you’ll know it. “If you have that feeling,” she says, “you’re probably on your way to a good situation.” But it takes careful vetting and communication to make sure. Here are some things you may want to think about when preparing for a live-in nanny.

Are You Preparing for a Live-In Nanny?

Finding the ideal caregiver for your children is a difficult task in and of itself. Finding one that will live unobtrusively under your roof is not likely to happen.  When you bring someone new into your household, you’ll presumably have to make adjustments to your routine. Make sure those are changes you’re comfortable making. Consider talking to families who have had live-in nannies and see what their take is on having a new person in the home full time.

Consider the Expense

For most of us, a live-in nanny is a luxury afforded to only the jet setting and the glamourous. After all, a 24/7 nanny would seem to be a considerably greater expense than a nine to five nanny.  But while a live-in nanny may be more costly in the long run than a full-time nanny, the hourly rate for a live-in is typically lower because the family absorbs the cost of room and board.

Also, despite the fact that your nanny will be a semi-permanent fixture in your home, she is not expected to be on-call round the clock. A live-in nanny should have scheduled hours and they should be respected. Scheduled hours are the hours that the nanny is expected to be in the house, whether she is actively engaged with the children or not.

Preparing the Family for a Live-In Nanny

Even if you are the decision-maker in your family, hiring a live-in nanny has a far greater impact than choosing Oatmeal Raisin over Chocolate Chip. When bringing a nanny into the house, you want to consider the feelings of all the family members, especially the kids. Children need to be assured that nannies will make the situation in your household better for them, as well as for you. Ask them how they feel, listen to their answers, and provide reassuring feedback. Try to highlight the positive aspects of the nanny: S/he loves to play games; s/he is excited to meet you; you will have so much fun with her/him, etc.  It may make the children more receptive to the idea.

Choose Your Nanny’s Personality Traits Before Hand

When Mary Poppins floated down into the Banks’ residence, she brought a large carpetbag of goodies with her, including a bottle of scent,  an eiderdown, and a small folding armchair, to name a few. When your “Mary Poppins” magically appears, think about what you like to see in her bag of tricks. How about a degree in child psychology, a working knowledge of Farsi, or traditional sewing skills and the ability to whip up a healthy meal at a moment’s notice? Before you start your interview process, have an idea of what you’re looking for. Whether it’s academic, culinary, domestic skills, or otherwise, knowing what you are looking for will help you narrow down the candidates and find the best nanny for your brood.

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Preparing the House for a Live-in Nanny

Whatever the accommodations are, your nanny needs privacy when s/he’s off the clock.  At the very least, s/he should have a furnished bedroom – many nannies also have access to a private bathroom.

Remember, your nanny will likely be sharing your meals, and have access to your food – especially if s/he doesn’t have a kitchen. (You may want to put the Ben and Jerry’s in with the frozen vegetables- just in case). If s/he craves anything that your cupboards don’t contain, s/he can be expected to pay for it.

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