How to Find Van Line Services on a Budget

Moving is stressful. Fact or opinion? According to a recent survey of 2000 people by the British Energy Company, moving is one of the most stressful life events, right up there with divorce and the death of a loved one. If that doesn’t qualify moving as a stressful experience, let’s just call it stressful by default or at least according to an overwhelming majority. Either way, moving is a huge life change, it takes a lot of work, and it’s a substantial financial investment. Finding the right van line service is challenging, finding a van line service on a budget, even more so.

So how do you find a good van line service on a budget? There’s no doubt that it takes a bit of legwork, but if sticking to a budget is a priority, the work will pay off. Also, keep in mind that the benefits of the world wide web are not to be underestimated. The internet has no shortage of tools, information, and articles that can help guide you in the right direction – this article among them. Here are a few tips that might make the difference between blowing your budget and sticking well within it.

Verifying Van Line Service Credentials

When you sign up with an unprofessional van line service, you could be signing away a whole lot of money. Hiring unprofessional moving companies can end up in anything from lost and damaged goods, to loaded contracts, to inexperienced movers who don’t work efficiently. When you hire a van line service, be sure to check for a DOT number on its website and make sure it has a carrier number from the FMSCA administration. You can check for whether your company has a DOT number at

Read Reviews and Complaints About Van Line Services

Nowadays, customers are telling how they really feel about moving companies. And luckily for those about to move, the customers’ opinions and experiences can easily be found on the world wide web. Check out what other customers are saying about moving companies by searching the web under the company name using keywords, such as “complaints” and “reviews.” If the company has a report with the BBB, you can look at the letter grade the BBB assigned the company, and check for reviews, complaints, and government actions.

Get Estimates from Van Line Services

Before you pick your mover, the BBB recommends getting estimates from at least three moving companies. Be wary, if the estimate sounds too good to be true, or if the company offers an estimate online or over the phone without getting an idea of the scope of the move, consider it a red flag.

Big Deposits Can Be Big Warning Signs

Another red flag is a large deposit requirement. A reputable company shouldn’t ask for more than 20% of the estimated cost for the move. Protect yourself from scams by putting deposits and payments on your credit card, so you can contest the charges if there are is any indication of malpractice.

Using Apps to Find Affordable Moving Companies

Looking for a van line service? It should it come as no surprise that, yes, there is an app for that. In fact, there are several. Fortunately, the internet is just bursting with apps full of helpful information to help you find the right van line service for you. Check out for all things moving, from referrals, to reviews, to resources. 

Getting A Quote from Colonial Van Line Services

Another way to find an affordable van line service? Find Colonial Van Lines. Colonial Van Lines is among the top-rated movers in the nation with good reason. We provide excellent customer service at affordable rates with high-quality professional services.

While many of our customers have found Colonial Van Line Services through our excellent reputation, the simplest way to find us is by going to our website. You’ll find that we’re licensed and professional, that our customers just can’t get enough us, and that we definitely don’t require big deposits or offer unreasonable rates.

With fifty years of experience in the business, Colonial knows what an excessively low rate quote usually means. It means that there are probably hidden fees written into the contract that you’ll end up paying for later. From add-ons, to travel expenses, to supplementary services, you could end up paying a lot more than you bargained for, in every sense of the phrase.

At Colonial, we provide free long-distance moving quotes for our cross-country moving clients. You tell us what your move requires, and we’ll give you a complete breakdown of your expenses, so you know where your money is going.  We guarantee you’ll never find hidden service fees in our contracts. You approve all of our services upfront. Let us know your budget and needs and we’ll adjust accordingly.

Getting A Customized Service Plan from Colonial Van Line Services

On top of our free rate quotes, we provide you with a long-distance service plan, tailored to your needs and budget. Whether your move requires packing, storage, or special handling, we’ll make sure you get as much as you need for the lowest cost to you.

And no matter what your service plan entails, we always see our customers through the moving process from beginning to end. We assign each of our customers a personal relocation assistant to take note of special transportation and moving needs. Our friendly, reliable moving crew will be more than happy to answer your questions, provide you with regular updates, and ensure exceptional customer service throughout the moving experience.

So, is moving stressful or not? Maybe it depends on the van line service you choose. At Colonial Van Lines, we’re dedicated to making moving as stress-free as possible. Check our website today, look at our stellar reviews, and be sure to request our free transparent rate quote. Download our app for help with prepping and planning for your move,  and also to send us photos, videos, and special instructions so we can obtain an accurate estimate without the hassle of scheduled meetings.

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