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Your 3-6 Month Moving Checklist

When it comes to moving, advance planning is a critical step. After all, nobody wants to deal with the stress and disorganization that comes with a last-minute move! Luckily, you can stay organized and keep your big move between the lines with this simple moving checklist. Your moving checklist should be comprised of a number of things, read on for more.

Your Moving Checklist: Everything You Should Do 3-6 Months Before Your Move

Whether you’re moving across the state or across the country, doing these things in the months leading up to your move will keep you organized and on top of it.

Six Months Before Your Move

The best time to start preparing for your move is at least six months out. Here’s what to do with that benchmark:

  • Come up With a Budget. A moving budget will save you from unwanted financial surprises at the end of your move. As you set up your moving budget, don’t forget to factor in things like services (the assistance of professional moving or packing teams), supplies (boxes, packing peanuts, etc.), and incidentals, like insurance and pet deposits.
  • Start Decluttering Your Home. If you’re moving a bunch of clutter from Point A to Point B, you’re doing it wrong. About six months before your move, start decluttering your home. Go through your closets, drawers, basements, and guest rooms and sort your belongings item by item. When you find something you haven’t used within a year, toss it in a pile to donate. Don’t forget to also sort through holiday decorations, kid’s clothing and toys, and kitchen essentials.
  • Start Clearing out the Freezer. Moving frozen food is challenging at best, so now is the time to start going through the deep freeze and using the items you don’t want to donate.
  • Learn About the Schools. If you have school-age kids you’re moving with, take some time now to learn about the schools in the area. If you can, schedule a time to fly out and view the schools and decide which one your kids will attend. Bring them with you to involve them in the process!
  • Create a Moving Binder. Depending on how far (and why) you move, you may be able to write it off on this year’s taxes. With this in mind, create a moving binder to stow all your receipts, quotes, and bills. This helps you stay organized and makes it easy to find the paperwork you need later.

Three Months Before You Move

As your move draws closer, don’t forget to tick these items off your moving checklist:

  • Hire Your Moving Team. If you’re going to hire professional movers, do it now. Many movers are booked months out, so hiring in advance gives you the best possible chance of finding a team you like. What’s more, booking a team early gives you time to shop around and ensure you’ve chosen the right company for you. Don’t forget to learn about the difference between local and long-distance movers, and decide which is ideal for you.
  • Donate Canned Goods. Go through your pantry and donate or use canned goods and dry food items. Paying to move these doesn’t make sense!
  • Get a Storage Shed (if you Need it). If you’re planning on using storage services, book them now. This helps you get a jumpstart on your move and have a good understanding of exactly what you can afford to move and what you’ll want to store.
  • Purchase Supplies. If you’ve hired a moving company, find out which supplies they’ll provide you with and purchase everything else you might need. This might include boxes, packing peanuts, tape, labeling supplies, and more.
  • Start Packing. Now is a great time to start packing your non-essential items. For best results, start with a guest room, garage, or spare bathroom and work your way through the home. The earlier you start packing, the less you’ll have to do at the last minute.
  • Take Care of Banking and Utilities. Let your utility companies know you’re moving, start a new bank account if you need it, and make a plan to get your mail forwarded. These things take some time to do, so be sure to cross them off in advance.

Plan Your Perfect Move Now

When you’ve got your moving checklist at your side, you can knock out any move you want – no matter how complex! By following the tips on this helpful checklist, you’ll stay organized, get the job done, and settle into your new home faster than ever before. Plus, you’ll avoid a great deal of the stress that comes with a last-minute move. If you’re facing a long distance move, don’t forget to give Colonial Van Lines a call! We’re your one-stop shop moving provider and are happy to offer everything from moving checklists to professional quotes to help you get your show on the road.

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