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Do You Really Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

Do You Really Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?
February 3, 2021

So, you’ve decided to rent a storage unit, and now you’re wondering – do I need climate-controlled storage? Is it worth the money? Should I just stash the stuff in a friend’s garage instead? And maybe you’re even wondering what exactly a climate-controlled storage unit is. Read on to get all of your burning questions regarding climate-controlled storage answered.

Your stuff can be exposed to some pretty undesirable conditions in a regular storage unit, especially if it’s there for a long period of time. Some of the main concerns with standard storage units include excess moisture, extreme temperatures, and pests. Keeping your stuff in a regular storage unit offers only basic protection from the elements, but still leaves it vulnerable to humidity, poor air quality, pests, and fluctuating or extreme temperatures.

First and foremost, what exactly is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage, which is also referred to as temperature-controlled storage, keeps storage units at a consistent temperature and humidity level. In short, climate-controlled storage is your best bet if you want your stuff to remain in the same condition as when it was first brought to the storage unit.

What are the benefits of climate-controlled storage?

  • Much of the country experiences extreme temperatures at some point in a year, with temperatures in some places reaching over 100 degrees during the summers or below freezing during the winter. These severe highs and lows can wreak havoc on sensitive items. Wood furniture can distort or crack in extreme temperatures, particularly if the temperatures fluctuate. Other items like books, art, musical instruments, electronics, and antiques can also become damaged if they’re exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • A climate-controlled storage unit preserves the condition of your belongings by maintaining optimal humidity. Too much moisture can cause items to warp, rot, or even become moldy. Picking your items up from a storage facility only to have them smell like they’ve been left in a dank basement is not ideal. Not to mention all of mold’s potential health hazards.
  • The enclosed design of a climate-controlled storage facility also resists dust and pests.
  • Opting for a climate-controlled storage unit will give you peace of mind knowing that your stuff will look (and smell) just as good as when you dropped it off.
  • If you live in an area with extreme high or low temperatures or high humidity, then you should strongly consider a temperature-controlled storage unit.

What items need to be stored in climate-controlled storage?

It’s no secret that the environment can do some serious damage to your things. This is why climate-controlled storage units are the best choice for all of your items. But which items should definitely be stored in a climate-controlled unit?

  • Furniture (anything made of or containing wood, metal, wicker, leather, or upholstery)
  • Other items made out of the materials listed above
  • Mattresses
  • Electronics
  • Books and magazines
  • Media (DVDs, videos, vinyl records, etc.)
  • Artwork
  • Clothing, particularly if it’s lace or leather
  • Important documents
  • Photographs
  • Musical instruments
  • Wine
  • Antiques
  • Collectibles (stamps, coins, comic books, etc.)
  • Medical supplies and medications
  • Makeup and toiletries

If we missed anything, here are some questions you can ask yourself (or google) to find out if an item should be stored in a climate-controlled unit.

  • Is it susceptible to mold or mildew? (Upholstered furniture is especially at risk.)
  • Will moisture cause it to warp or deteriorate? 
  • Could extreme heat or cold cause it to expand or contract?
  • Is it rare, sentimental, or valuable?
  • Is it supposed to be kept at a specific temperature?
  • How long will it be in storage?

A basic storage unit (or a friend’s garage) may be sufficient for some household and yard items, like lawn mowers and kitchenware. But most of the items that are traditionally kept inside of a house (like furniture) aren’t suited to face fluctuating temperatures and high humidity.

The bottom line is that in most cases, it’s better to be safe than sorry when storing your belongings, and this is especially true if it’s for longer than a few days. A climate-controlled storage unit is worth the cost when you factor in the fact that extreme temperatures, humidity, and pests can render your items unusable.

Regardless of if you need short or long-term storage, Colonial Van Lines has you covered. While other moving companies offer one-size-fits-all storage services that don’t take the uniqueness of your household and items into account, we specialize in offering adaptable and customizable storage packages so that you can access the exact services you need, at the exact time you need them. Our storage facilities can also accommodate large items like trampolines, commercial equipment, and more. 

At Colonial Van Lines, we believe in providing two things above all: quality and great customer service. Our climate-controlled storage facilities were designed with quality in mind, and our affordable storage options can be customized and made to fit any budget. Get in touch with us today, so that we can get you the professional storage services that you need.


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