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Helpful Tips for Moving into a High-rise

Helpful Tips for Moving into a High-rise
December 16, 2018

“Movin’ on up.” Those were the words that began “The Jefferson’s” theme song of the 1970’s sitcom “The Jefferson’s”: the celebratory anthem of a family moving out of their Queens neighborhood into a luxury high rise apartment. In the riotous episodes that followed, the family would come to know the ups and downs of living in a high rise, the ups more than the downs.

Moving into a high rise usually represents an elevation in income as well as an elevation in living space, but, there are some downsides to moving up. Moving into a high rise can be very stressful and time-consuming. High Rises homes and business can be especially difficult given the complications of moving. We are experienced High-rise movers, so we know this type of move has to be executed properly or it could turn into quite the headache. Luckily, with the proper planning, you can make the move as successful as possible.

Moving into a High Rise

The law of gravity says that what goes up must come down, but it doesn’t say much about moving what’s already down up. That’s why we’re offering some tips on the easiest ways to do just that.

Choosing the Right Location

When looking for your high-rise apartment, it’s all about location, location, location. The first thing you’ll want to ask yourself is if you can picture yourself living there. Is noise a factor, will you be able to get around easily? Is there a good school for your child nearby? Is it easily accessible to roads and highways? Is there a Starbucks within walking distance?

If so, consider the cost of the high-rise apartment and make sure it makes financial sense for you. Scope out different neighborhoods and see what they are offering in terms of price and property size.

Also, consider the timing of your move. Winter is the off-peak season for moving so you might be able to find some better deals if you do your shopping at this time.


Whenever you’re looking to relocate, safety is a factor, especially if children are involved. That goes double for high rise apartments.

The most desirable high-rise buildings are equipped with:

  • reliable security systems and fire alarms
  • hallways that are strongly lit to keep intruders away
  • stairs that have been tested to ensure they are not too slippery for children or mature adults

Within your apartment, safety precautions are recommended as well. In addition to changing the front door locks, consider installing an alarm system of your own. Childproof windows and make sure that the apartment is clean, so the space is safe for you, your kids, and your pets.

Know the Rules 

If there’s one thing you can count on when living in a high rise, it’s other people and, chances are, there are building rules in place to ensure harmonious relations between these people. The last thing you want to do is create negative vibes before you are even settled. Find out the building rules with regard to pets, and also if there are any guidelines about children if they’re a factor. You can contact a nearby real estate agent to answer any questions.

Talk to the Owners About Making Reservations

To you, moving day is a big occasion, but to the owners and residents of the building, it’s just another day, which means they may not take too kindly to you monopolizing the elevators or docks or taking up space in the parking lot with your moving truck during the moving process.

Failure to contact the building owners before moving in can incur heavy fines, that both inconvenience the moving process and significantly lighten your wallet. Call in advance to reserve elevators, docks, and make sure the parking lot has the capacity to fit your moving truck before you begin your move.

If you want to make use of the luggage carts supplied by many high-rise buildings, remember to request these as well.

Evaluate the Space

High rise buildings are all about saving space, which means that your apartment may not have as much room as you were accustomed to in your old home. When you are moving into a high rise consider the space you have and determine how much of your old stuff will fit in it.

Don’t feel remorseful about leaving your stuff behind, it’s more than likely you’re hoarding some stuff you don’t even use any more. Plus, you have plenty of options for finding a new home for them that can turn into a win-win situation for both you and the recipient. You know what they say- one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Sell your old stuff online for a profit or donate them to charity to help those in need.

After you’ve whittled it down a bit, think about the items themselves. Some items are so bulky and heavy that it may be more sensible and cost-efficient for you to leave them behind and replace them after you move.

Create A Floor Plan

Once you’ve decided what’s coming to the apartment, make a floor plan. Floor plans help you to determine the exact placement of your furniture before it gets deposited, which ensures that the first spots you move them into are the last spots you move them into, for less effort and more efficiency.

It’s also a good idea to take the dimensions of your larger furniture items and compare them with the dimensions of the front door and hallways see that they will fit in without a problem. The last thing you want is a bottleneck in the hallway when you’re trying to make a good impression on your new neighbors.

If dismantling your furniture is not an option, you may want to get professional assistance, especially if you’re thinking of hoisting your stuff through an open window, which leads to the possibility of hiring a moving company.

Choosing A Reputable Moving Company

It can be left unsaid that when you’re moving into a high-rise, you want a moving company with experience and know-how that you can trust to give you an affordable rate. Check reviews and look for companies that have received A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau.

However, if you are looking to move fewer things, you can always get by with the help of your friends. With a close group of buddies, the process will not only be cheaper and safer. You’ll save money on professionals, and also be able to watch one another’s backs as you move.

So, what’s the upshot? Moving into a high-rise can be tough, but now that you know the low down, you can make more savvy decisions on what it takes to make all the right moves when it comes to your move. Onward and upwards, until next time.


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