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Moving to Arkansas

When it comes to Arkansas long distance moving is well worth it. People come from across the country to take advantage of all the state has to offer. This includes a lower cost of living and some of the most beautiful scenery that the United States has to offer. If there’s a move on the horizon, it’s time to start planning. And if Arkansas is the destination, it’s time to make the conversion to becoming a University of Arkansas Razorback fan. Here, there are no other options. 

The weather tends to be fairly mild here, but the summertime brings with it a lot of humidity. That’s why lots of residents plan to take float trips on the river throughout the summer season. All that’s needed is an inner tube, some snacks, and some drinks and the ideal day lies ahead. The state also has some unique features that take a while for new residents to get accustomed to. For example, alcohol can’t be purchased on Sundays, and many of the residents are gun owners as hunting is a major pastime in the area.

Top Cities in Arkansas

Little Rock

There are over 720,000 people that live within the city limits of Little Rock. It’s important to note that the cost of living, as well as the cost of homes, tends to be under the national average here. In 2016, the League of American Bicyclists offered the city bronze status because of its bicycle-friendly atmosphere. It isn’t unusual to see residents riding their bikes around town for not only transportation but also enjoyment. Hiking is another big pastime for residents of this area.

The city has also received several awards for being so clean. New residents notice right away that the streets of the city are well-kept, which adds to the overall feeling in this big city. Southern hospitality is a real thing, and the residents of Little Rock know how to offer it up on a platter. It isn’t unusual for residents to greet each other as they pass on the street, and if a vehicle breaks down, there’s sure to be someone that stops quickly in order to help out. 

Fort Smith

With only 88,000 residents, Fort Smith is considerably smaller than its neighbor to the east, Little Rock. According to Forbes magazine, this city has one of the lowest costs of living in the entire United States. This alone is enough to bring in visitors from other states looking to settle down in an affordable location. At the same time, the city has a great public school system and has plenty of parks for residents to enjoy. And add to that the fact that the air quality here is pretty high.

There’s lots of history here and the city prides itself on the various tours, museums, and experiences that residents can have while they learn more about this area of the country. If the goal is to become a Fort Smith resident, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to check out the Fort Smith Trolley Museum and wave to the trollies as they pass by. But those are only for visitors. Residents wouldn’t want to be seen on one!


In 2018, Fayetteville was considered the fifth Best Place to Live in the United States by US News and World Report. The city has seen real growth over the past couple of years and more people seem to be looking to call it home. Much like the other cities in Arkansas, visitors and longtime residents point out the fact that people here are friendly and many of the local events and get-togethers see a considerable turnout. The headquarters for Tyson Foods is located here as is the University of Arkansas. Walmart’s headquarters is a short distance away in Bentonville.

Arkansas Statistics

A little over three million people call Arkansas home, and over the past decade, the state has seen about a three percent increase in population. About one in every ten residents is a veteran. The state has a diverse geographic situation, as over half of the land is covered in forest. There are also mountain ranges, river valleys, and lakes to round out the terrain. When it comes to things like economic growth and the high school graduation rate, Arkansas is in line with the rest of the United States.

There’s no need for any type of professional sports teams when the state has the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. Both men’s and women’s basketball are pretty big time out here, as is football. While there are several other colleges and several other sports teams, most residents consider themselves die-hard Razorback fans. 

Things to Do in Arkansas

With most of the state covered in forest, it’s no surprise that the state parks are a big attraction. Visitors and residents often visit Hot Springs National Park, and for good reason. A tour of a historic bathhouse is a great start and, if there’s time, be sure to take a traditional bath at the Buckstaff Bathhouse. The park also has several scenic roads that offer an ideal view of the area’s landscape. The Ozark National Forest is another great place to visit. It covers 1.2 million acres and includes Blanchard Springs Cavern – an underground cave. This is a great place to walk, hike and explore. 

For those interested in unique architecture, be sure to check out places like the Thorncrown Chapel. This structure is made of wood but features a large number of windows and glass. Something similar can be found in the Garvan Woodland Gardens in the form of the Anthony Chapel. The chapel itself is free to visit, but there is a fee to see the rest of what the gardens have to offer.

For those with a real interest in history, there are several must-see sites. One is the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site. The high school is still operational, but there’s plenty to see and explore without disrupting students. Be sure to take the tour to learn more about the Little Rock Nine and the impact that this event had on the United States as a whole. Also, the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum is located in Little Rock. A tour of the facility will show off a wide range of permanent and temporary exhibits.

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