Interstate Moving Company in Arizona
Lots of Americans are making the long-distance move in Tucson and the state of Arizona. The Sunbelt city is one of biggest long-distance moving hotspots. In fact, Tucson was the top destination city that people moved to in 2022. And Arizona was the top magnet state where movers relocated. No matter where you’re coming from, you’re sure to have many adventures ahead—and our Tucson moving company will help you get settled in quickly and efficiently.

Our Tucson moving company team is friendly and professional. They are extensively trained at CVLU (our training center in Florida). All our long-distance movers get customized service, attention to detail, and moving pros who will take the stress out of moving. Interstate residential and corporate relocation is what we do best, so we stick to it!

Tucson Long-Distance Movers

Inbound movers are coming from high cost-of-living places like Los Angeles, San Diego or cold Midwest and Mountain states like Wisconsin and Colorado. Moving to Tucson doesn’t have to be intimidating. By having the right movers and taking time to learn about your new city, you’ll be adjusted to Tucson before you know it. The city of Tucson (really the whole state of Arizona) has got some of the best Southwest cuisine you can find. This is one of those places you live and don’t ask someone which brand of salsa or guacamole they buy at Albertsons. You may not fit in! If it doesn’t work out you can get a convenient flight anywhere from Tucson International Airport (TUS). Tucson is host to some of the best PGA events during February and March each year.

Here are some things to look forward to:

  • It’s called the sunbelt! Tucson gets almost 300 days of sunshine per year—about 100 more than the national average. Cool desert nights with dry sunny days to play golf or tennis.
  • More birdies than anywhere else. Stop thinking about golf. Tucson has an incredible number of bird species. Keep an eye out for unique species like the Cactus Wren. Coffee table book is appropriate!
  • Arizona Wildcats! Tucson is home to the University of Arizona and always competitive football and basketball programs.
  • Golf, Golf & Golf! What do you expect people to do, chase the rattlesnakes all day. Area has one of highest density of golf courses. Even the ladies play small ball.

Before you start packing, make sure you hire the right long-distance movers in Tucson. Not all moving companies in Tucson are equal or up to the skill of cross-country moving, but we are!. Our Arizona moving company professional are trained at Colonial Van Lines University (CVLU) at our training facility in Pompano Beach, FL Its sunny there too! Reach out to us at (520) 686-5030 to see how our Tucson moving can help you.

Tucson Moving Company Services 

When it comes to Tucson moving company services, it’s about what long-distance movers want and need. Our national moving company in Tucson is federally licensed and committed to providing you with a stress-free long-distance or interstate move. Our Tucson moving professionals will help you create an budget-conscience plan for your out-of-state and then execute a cross-country or state-to-state move that you’ll tell your family and neighbors about. We love long-distance referrals and our movers in Tucson earn them every day. Pick Colonial Van lines in Arizona and leave the packing, driving and unloading to us and join the 15,000 customers who moved out-of-state with us in 2022.

  • Long-Distance Moving: Colonial’s bread and butter. We got get voted as one of best in category again in 2023. Check it out!
  • Corporate Relocation Moving: You’ll find our Tucson moving company professionals are good at this too. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you and employer to keep the paperwork down and the smiles turned-up. Colonial’s relocation movers are bonded and insured.
  • Personalized Packing Options: You can pack it up and we’ll take it, or Colonial will just do both. You can also do a little, our Tucson movers will work with your budget and make sure your items are packed securely for transport.
  • Custom Storage: We offer climate-sensitive and secure units to protect your belongings when you need more time.
  • Automobile Shipping: If you’re moving cross-country, ask us about shipping rates to save on time and wear-and-tear on your vehicle

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