Planning for long-distance moving in Kirkland, WA? Get all the help you need from the professionals at Colonial Van Lines. Our team is ready and waiting to make your move more efficient, faster, and easier.

Kirkland Long-Distance Movers

Our cross-country movers in Kirkland are equipped to help you with all your moving needs. You might know Kirkland for several reasons, including as the original home of the Seattle Seahawks. Other facts of note include:

  • Weather: The average weather in Kirkland is mostly cloudy and rainy. There are about 153 sunny days each year, with short, warm summers. The rest of the year, you can expect rain and overcast skies.
  • Culture: The area has a lot to offer by way of shopping, dining, and waterfront walks. The vibe and culture tend to attract a good amount of incoming residents, something to keep in mind as you plan for your move.
  • Hub for Families and Young Professionals: The vast majority of people who live in the area are families and young professionals. This gives the city a fun feel of suburban bliss, with plenty of parks and scenic walks to enjoy.

Long-Distance Moving Services in Kirkland, WA

Moving to Kirkland, WA, will be significantly easier with the help of professional movers who have decades of experience under their belts. That’s what you can expect from our team at Colonial Van Lines. We offer the following types of moving services:

  • Long-Distance Moving: Enjoy full-service long-distance moving from start to finish with our team. That means we’ll be there to help you pack up, move everything, and unpack everything.
  • Colonial Cube: Get greater flexibility with cross-country moving with the help of our Colonial Cubes. These modular storage devices make any cross-country move to or from Kirkland more efficient.

Trust us when we say we know what we’re doing and we’re here to serve you. You’ll be able to work closely with our trained professionals to plan out and execute every step of your move.

The Colonial Cube

Colonial Cubes are an ideal option when you need additional flexibility or long-term or short-term storage for your items. This full-service modular solution gives you a convenient and secure way to store and pack your belongings.

Our Colonial Cubes are:

  • Weather-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Secure
  • Stored right-side-up to keep your items safe
  • Great for temporary or long-term storage
  • Great for long-distance moving

While you have the option to pack your Cube yourself, our licensed, professional movers can pack your Colonial Cube for you. Our movers simply drop off your cube when requested, pack it, and pick it up when it’s ready. We’ll deliver your Colonial Cube right to your new home, or send it to one of our secure storage locations until you’re ready to move.