Long-Distance Moving in Tacoma

Tacoma, Washington has a lot to offer newcomers. This beautiful city is located right on the banks of Puget Sound and boasts all kinds of fun activities and scenic spots. You can trust Colonial Van Lines to help you with long-distance moving to Tacoma. 

Tacoma Long-Distance Movers

Moving to Tacoma? Get excited for some of the best of both worlds of city living and wilderness exploration. The area is well-known for some things that you should keep in mind as you prepare to move:

  • Weather: Summers in Tacoma are dry, warm, and short. Winters are very cold, wet, and mostly cloudy. They also last a lot longer than the summers. Consider that as you prepare for your move. 
  • Museum of Glass: Not many know that the city of Tacoma is actually world-renowned for its glass art, but it is. The Museum of Glass features works by well-known artist Dale Chihuly. Not necessarily something that’s going to affect you moving to the city, but definitely something cool to know about your soon-to-be new home.
  • Nature: Because of its excellent location, you can experience all kinds of fun things to do outside as well as inside, including time at the beach and hiking.

Long-Distance Moving Services in Tacoma, WA

Our goal at Colonial Van Lines is to provide you with relief from the stress of cross-country moving. Our cross-country movers to Tacoma offer certain moving services that will smooth your journey and enhance your experience, including:

  • Long-Distance Moving: We have full-service long-distance moving to Tacoma from start to finish. We will pack up your belongings, move them, and then unpack them at your discretion. 
  • Colonial Cubes: The Colonial Cube is a flexible way to make your move to Tacoma. We offer this service as a way to securely transport your belongings from your current location to your new one. 

The team at Colonial Van Lines has decades of experience moving customers across the country. We are here to help make your move faster, safer, and more efficient. 

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The Colonial Cube

The Colonial Cube is a modular storage device. You can pack it up or our team will pack it up for you at your current home. Then we will transport it to your new location, separate from other moving trucks. Once it’s arrived, we will unpack it for you or store it for you in a secure storage facility nearby until you are ready for it. 

Our Colonial Cubes are: 

  • Weather-resistant.
  • Impact-resistant.
  • Secure.
  • Stored right-side-up to keep your items safe.
  • Perfect for temporary or long-term storage.
  • Great for long-distance moving.

Similar portable storage devices from other companies require you to pack them yourself. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of doing so when you choose the Colonial Cube with Colonial Van Lines. We will pack and unpack it for you if you like.

Colonial Cubes Are Available in the Following Areas:


Take a look at answers to some of our frequently asked questions:

1. How Does the Colonial Cube Work?

The first step is to drop off the Cube. Once you or our movers have packed it up, we will transport it for you. You can unpack it at your new location, have us handle it, or have it stored securely and safely nearby until you’re ready for it. 

2. What Should I Prioritize During a Move?

Our long-distance moving checklist is a good place to look for ideas on how to start cross-country moving. 

3. How Long Does This Process Take?

We’re proud to provide prompt, reliable service. However, no one can control the weather or other mitigating circumstances. The more flexible you are with your move date, the more likely things will go off without a hitch. 

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