Long-Distance Moving to Charleston

Moving to Charleston? Colonial Van Lines can help. Our team has over fifty years of experience, and our long distance movers in Charleston are ready and waiting to make your move better, faster, and more efficient. 

Charleston Long-Distance Movers

Planning cross-country moving can be tricky, but you’ll be more prepared with a few facts and knowledge under your belt about Charleston. It’s important to keep the following in mind as you plan your move:

  • Weather: The average weather in Charleston during the summers is sweltering and humid, and the winters are frigid and windy. The best time to move to the city would be between these extremely hot and cold months. 
  • History: Charleston, SC, is famous for being the location where the first Confederate troops shot at the beginning of the Civil War. The area draws a fair number of tourists to see the historic sites each year. 

Long-Distance Moving Services in Charleston, SC

Colonial Van Lines offers top-of-the-line long-distance moving services to our clients. Trust our decades of expertise in moving to get you to your new home faster, with more efficiency, and professionally. Our moving services include:

  • Long-distance Moving: Long-distance movers in Charleston will pack your belongings up, transport them, and unpack them all for you.
  • Colonial Cubes: We also offer the Colonial Cube to locations within 250 miles of a hub spot. This modular storage device adds greater flexibility to your move by enabling you to pack up and move things in a separate container. 

Discover what a long-distance move should look like when you contact us today to schedule your free quote. Our team is waiting to help you execute a faster, smoother move. 

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The Colonial Cube

The Colonial Cube is designed to make your move all the easier. You can choose to pack it up or have our professionals take care of the packing. Once packed, we’ll transport it to your new location and either unpack it for you or store it securely in a nearby facility until you’re ready for it.

Our Colonial Cubes are: 

  • Weather-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Secure
  • Stored right-side-up to keep your items safe
  • Great for temporary or long-term storage
  • Great for long-distance moving

Our licensed professionals are equipped to handle the packing and moving of your Colonial Cube from start to finish. You’ll enjoy this feature that you won’t get from other moving companies. If your city or new location is not within 250 miles of a hub location, don’t worry. We’re working on getting new locations up and running to provide this awesome modular storage device to our clients and customers. 

Colonial Cubes Are Available in the Following Areas:


Read below to learn more about some frequently asked questions.

1. How Does the Colonial Cube Work?

We’ll drop the Cube off at your current location. You or our professional movers can pack it up. Once packed, we’ll transport it to your new location, where you can unpack it. Otherwise, we’ll store it in a secure facility. 

2. What Should I Prioritize During a Move?

Start by looking at our long-distance moving checklist to get an idea of how to prioritize your cross-country move. 

3. How Long Does This Process Take?

The more flexible you are with your deadline for moving, the more likely we are to meet it. We pride ourselves in prompt, reliable service, but even we can’t control the weather or other circumstances that impede the timeline of a cross-country move. 

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