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Long Distance Moving to Pennsylvania

Long Distance Moving to Pennsylvania
August 3, 2019

If you are making a long distance move to Pennsylvania you have come to the right place. Pennsylvania has many attractive reasons to make the state your new home. Read all about the fabulous world of Pennsylvania here.

The State of Independence could double as The State of Beauty.

Considering the state’s history within the U.S. and the diverse culture of its population, it would be understandable not to notice Pennsylvania’s natural beauty at first glance. Featuring the Appalachian Mountains, a host of parks, and miles of coastline, Pennsylvania has much to offer, from its bustling metropolises to its small towns.

People who like being outdoors will find much to love about Pennsylvania. People who like to eat will find much to crave about Pennsylvania. And people who just want to eat a big pretzel while yelling at whichever visiting team dares to oppose the Eagles/Flyers/76ers will find plenty to cheer about in Pennsylvania.

It’s been said the nice thing about living in Pennsylvania will be that you’ll be able to afford it. Take that, New York City!

The average Pennsylvanian salary runs just under $60,000, and when coupled with the fact that cost of living expenses run about 10.5 percent lower than the U.S. average, it’s fair to say that a paycheck can go farther here than it could most other places.

Health care professionals do especially well here, notably due to the state’s diverse population. An interesting job in demand here? Interpreter and Translator, which again makes sense due to Pennsylvania’s population but also earns an amazed “Huh, How About That?” just for sheer uniqueness. You never hear about anyone in Mississippi needing a translator, even though it could certainly be the case.

Just like the population, Pennsylvania’s weather is noteworthy for its diversity.

Geographically speaking, the state’s mountain regions tend to offer cooler and slightly less humid weather conditions than the lower areas, especially during the summers, which go on for months and bring the occasional heat wave.

Keep in mind that when we say “Pennsylvania gets out,” we mean the state tends to average in the high 80s during the summer. We say “average” since Philadelphia summers, which have been known to climb into the triple digits, can be brutal.

Southern areas also tend to be warmer than the north, and beautiful fall weather gives way to very cold winters. Rain falls heavier in the north, with the mountain regions receiving colder showers due to the climate.

As mentioned above, Pennsylvania offers something for everyone, especially for those with an interest in American history.

The city of Philadelphia alone boasts Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, Valley Forge, and the Rocky Statue. Granted, that last one celebrates the history of a fictional character, but it’s still an awesome landmark; who doesn’t love Rocky?

If you don’t feel like visiting the Reading Terminal Market, also known as America’s Oldest Farmer’s Market, jump in the car and go visit Gettysburg, UPenn, Cucumber Falls, Laurel Caverns, or Longwood Gardens. The outdoorsy people can rock climb, hike, boat, run, and bike their way through the state whenever they choose (although hiking during the winter may be viewed as the kind of self-endurance test few would voluntarily undertake).

There’s also the Amish villages to visit, some of which offer scenic views and the kind of home cooking you only read about in travel magazines, the kind of hearty meals that double as comfort food and frequently end with some kind of pie.

Quick note: visiting the Amish village may also involve finding a horse and buggy on the road. Be patient; they were here first.

For those with an interest in culture and the arts, head for the cities and prepare to be amazed at what’s on display at the street corners. The museums and performance halls offer high-quality shows and art fixtures.

Pennsylvania is diverse.

Every major American state likes to claim diversity as one of its primary strengths, and for the most part, those claims tend to be accurate. But a state doesn’t feature a city called “The City of Brotherly Love” without displaying some top-shelf diversity in its population.

Take a walk in downtown Philadelphia (they call it Center City), for example, and you’ll find Catholics, Protestants, Mennonites, Amish, Jewish, and Buddhists all living and working in a bustling metropolis. You’ll see those demographics on display everywhere: Old City, Chinatown, Brewerytown, Holmesburg, the Gayborhood, the shore towns, and every other neighborhood in the city.

There’s also a very strong culture of sports enthusiasm running through the state, although as a newcomer to Pennsylvania, you may want to think twice about supporting your old home team on game day, especially if the old home team was in any way a rival of the Pennsylvania team.

Let’s just make the assumption they do. It’s probably accurate and it’ll save time. Part of the joy of living in a state with Pennsylvania’s history also means living in a state with Pennsylvania’s history of sports rivalries.

Pennsylvania sports fans can be identified by their passion for their teams. Keep in mind that when we say “passion,” we also mean “prepared to start a brawl with the opposing fans at the slightest excuse, like sneezing while wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat.” Philadelphia fans in particular are so passionate that they’ll start riots and set things on fire when their team WINS; by inference, they could be prepared to invade the Rhineland when they lose.

Moving always serves as a historical decision for your family, even when you’re thinking about moving to a state with all the history of Pennsylvania. And let’s face it, moving to a new state requires a great deal of planning, care, and consideration, and those can all be in short supply even when you’re just moving down the street.

That’s where we come in.

If you need help, Colonial Van Lines has you covered. We’ve got the experience and the expertise to make sure your moving experience will be solid, straight forward, and above all, stress free. Call a Colonial Van Lines professional and find out how easy a move to North Carolina can be.