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Preparing Dressers and Bureaus for Moving

Preparing Dressers and Bureaus for Moving
May 16, 2019

Your dressers and bureaus have been good to you over the years. They’ve held your skinny jeans, your rock T-shirt collection, your underwear, and probably enough coins to do your laundry for the next six months. Now that you’re preparing your furnishings for moving, you want to be as good to them as they were to you. Moving dressers and moving bureaus rate high on the difficulty scale. A good professional mover knows that well and prepares accordingly.

Colonial Van Lines are a team of professional long-distance movers. We know from experience that handling with care is not something to think about after your furniture arrives in pieces. At Colonial Van Lines, we offer packing as well as moving services to make sure your dressers and bureaus arrive at their destination in one beautiful whole.

Moving Dressers and Moving Bureaus: The Important Questions

Should I move my dresser or bureau with or without the drawers? It’s the pressing question Colonial Van Lines are all too familiar with. If you keep the clothes in the drawers, you save a lot of room in the truck, which reduces moving expenses, but if your furniture is too rickety, there may not be much left of your dresser or bureau when you get to your destination.

Most movers will tell you to err on the side of caution, but Colonial wisdom will give you an honest and professional answer. If we think we can save you money, we’ll let you know. Our experts can determine whether your furniture is made of material substantial enough to withstand the bulk of the clothes or whether it is too thin to support it.

Securing the Drawers

Whether its clothes in or out, our packing team can deliver all the materials you need to keep your items as secure as possible. We have specialized supplies to keep the drawers from sliding during the move and we wrap the furniture in thick secure moving blankets to ensure security and protect it from damage.

Prepping Dressers and Bureaus for a Move

At Colonial Van Lines we’ve learned a thing or two about prepping dressers and bureaus for a move.

We know that:

  • If you don’t put the drawers back in properly, you might damage its glides.
  • If you take the drawers in a certain way, the contents will be shaken out by moving.
  • When carrying drawers separately it is very easy to gouge their finish.

When you’re doing it yourself, you have a pretty big margin for error. Colonial Van Lines is prepared for all eventualities. Our team of packing and moving professionals have the equipment, know-how, and blanket wrap to ensure your dressers and bureaus are safe from catastrophe.

Padding a Dresser or Bureau for Moving

Still set on moving dressers and bureaus yourself? Colonial Van Lines is going to let you in on one of our best-kept secrets. This how we use our blankets to pad our bedroom furniture and we recommend that you do the same.

  1. Put one or two large moving blankets over the top of the bureau or dresser making sure to drape them over the sides, back, front and past the bottom.
  2. Use packing tape to hold the blankets firmly in place during the move, making sure the tape doesn’t stick to the bureau or dresser.
  3. Tape blanket to the front, sides, and back of the furniture snugly, winding the tape around at least four times around encircling the furniture completely from top to bottom.
  4. Tip the dresser slightly and tape the blanket under the bottom to secure furniture on all four sides.
  5. If mirrors are involved, remove them before padding and wrap separately. Mirrors set into the finish of the dresser should be taped with flattened cardboard over the part that’s covering the inlay.

Why You Should Go with Colonial Packing and Moving Services

Colonial Van Lines knows that there can be a lot more to packing than moving bureaus and moving dressers. Some want the rest of the bedroom to come with it, others are more concerned with that piano that they’re considering having airlifted out of their third story walkup. At Colonial Packing, we offer a range of options. Some of these are:

  • Single Item Pack- For that one item that defies physics.
  • The Kitchen Pack- We’ll do everything but the dishes.
  • Full Pack: Just sit back and watch us pack.

Browse our website for more options. We are happy to customize our services to fit your needs.

Packing Process:

For the novice mover, the packing process is a learning process. Unfortunately, a lot of that learning is done through making mistakes. Finding out you’ve run out of packing tape in the middle of taping up a dresser is a prime example. Colonial Van Lines packing service has it covered. We won’t run out of materials and we won’t run out of energy. This is what you can expect from our packing process: At Colonial Van Lines, we:

  • Show up bright and early on moving day prepared to survey your property.
  • Let you know what needs packing and arrange, wrap, and pack items accordingly.
  • Bring bubble wrap for your breakables, and unique materials to safeguard your valuables.
  • Take the furniture apart and label items and boxes. (This applies to dresser and bureau drawers as well).
  • Provide a full inventory list so you won’t lose track of your items.
  • Bring all packing materials with us.

Affordable Pricing:

Just because we use our arms and legs a lot in our moving and packing, it doesn’t mean we charge you for them. At Colonial Van Lines, we’d never let you pay an arm and a leg for your move. We offer moving, storage, and packing services that are well within your budget. Click here for a free quote or download the app for tips as well as estimates.

Working with Colonial:

With over 12,000 satisfied customers per year, Colonial has a lot of people talking. Mostly about how Colonial treats them like family and provides reliable and trusted service. Colonial Van Lines is about more than moving bureaus and moving dressers, it’s about moving a nation. Read the customer reviews here and see why Colonial is the top-rated mover in the country.


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