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The Best Way to Evaluate Moving Companies

The Best Way to Evaluate Moving Companies
November 26, 2019

Moving is never a simple experience, and moving companies can make or break the entire process. Whether you are excited about the move or reluctant about the impending change of environment, it is always a tasking undertaking. From finding a new home to transferring your utilities, there are just so many things you will have to handle within a period and it can be overwhelming.

Compare Top Moving Companies to Match Your Needs
While there are so many ways you improve your chances of having a smoother moving experience, hiring the right moving company is one of the most important things to do. Depending on the company you hire, the entire experience can be either smoother or a lot more difficult.

With so many moving companies around, how can you find the perfect one? The secret is to evaluate different moving companies thoroughly to pick the right one for you. As simple as it may sound, evaluating a moving company is never an easy undertaking. Here, we will discuss ways you can go about it so that you will hire the right movers to make your moving experience smoother:

Focus On Registered Moving Companies
The first thing you need to be sure of is that you are dealing with a valid, registered company. Several movers are operating without licenses and you need to avoid them. Concentrate on finding companies that are dully registered and licensed to operate in your state. These are the companies that have passed certain levels of quality assurance and have remained compliant with relevant authorities. They also belong to relevant bodies.

Find Out If the Moving Company Is Insured
Asides from having the license and belonging to relevant bodies, a moving company also needs insurance. This is, in fact, the second most important factor to consider. Dealing with a moving company that is not properly insured is risking your properties and cherished belongings during the move. If the moving company you hire are insured, you will suffer almost no loss at all if something goes wrong during the move.

Spend Time on Their Website
Spending time on the websites of the companies you are planning to choose from is a good way to evaluate them. From the way the website is designed and run, you will get a better idea of their quality. There are also loads of helpful information you can find on the websites of these companies that will help you make informed decisions.

Do The Movers Offer What You Need?
Though they are all called moving companies, there are differences in the services offered by different movers. While some companies focus on local moves, others are specialists in long-distance or international moves. There are some that are specialists in commercial moves as well as those that handle residential moves only. Full-service moves, white-glove moves, packing, and storage services are other priorities you may need. Make sure the company you intend to hire offers what you need.

How Is Their Customer Service?
From the very point you make contact with a moving company, pay attention to the quality of their customer service. In most instances, the quality of the customer service team of an organization reflects the quality of service they offer. If you find their customer service to be nonchalant or inattentive, look for an alternative option.

Consider How Long the Company Has Been In Business
Experience is another thing you need to consider seriously when you want to hire a moving company. Though it is possible to find new moving companies that can deliver efficiently, it is always better to work with an efficient company with a good reputation. Even if you are hiring a new company, ensure that those running things have real experience in the business.

Look At the Existing Feedback or Online Reviews
Another way to improve your chances of receiving quality moving service is to look at the online reviews provided by people who have used the services in the past. You can find reviews on the website of the company but never base your decision on those alone. You can find the most unbiased reviews from such websites as Yelp, Angie’s List, and HomeAdvisor. Consider the overall ratings of the companies and read individual reviews to see what each company does well as well as their failings.

Ask the Right Questions
In addition, interacting with the moving companies or their representatives presents the best way to get the most important information you need. There are relevant questions to ask and you should never be afraid to ask them during your conversation. From such general question as the number of services they offer to more sensitive once like their licensing and insurance status, you can get the right information to make your decision by simply being inquisitive. A reliable company will provide honest answers freely and you must avoid those that are economical with the truth.

Look At Their Price Estimates Carefully
Finally, your potential mover will likely offer a free estimate before drawing up a contract. You should certainly accept the offer. It is important, however, that you accept free estimate only when you have trimmed your list of possible moving companies to a few.

What’s more, observe the individual making the estimate carefully. An experienced mover will ask about the specifics of the move like addresses and whether the buildings have elevators. They will also look at what you have to move and ask about special favors or services you may need. The estimate will be based on detailed arrangements. Avoid any company that doesn’t go into full detail.

Hiring a moving company can be tough, especially when you have a lot of options to consider. By evaluating the companies carefully, however, you will find the right company to make your move smoother. We have discussed the best way to achieve to go about proper evaluation and hope this piece helps you find the perfect company.

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