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Why You Want to Move Before the Holidays

Why You Want to Move Before the Holidays
August 31, 2019

Santa Claus knows the importance of planning ahead so he can get his boxes delivered on time. If your planning on moving during the holiday season, your best course of action is to beat him to the punch. Holiday moving can be hectic, especially if you don’t have elves to help you. Think of Colonial Van Lines as your moving elves, only somewhat bigger. We can help you plan your long distance move so you can take care of the important stuff.

At Colonial Van Lines, we’ll move you during the holidays, and you don’t even have to leave cookies out for us. Nevertheless, as your movers, we do think it’s our job to advise you on how to make your move and holiday go smoothly. While we can’t help you avoid fighting with the relatives, we can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that come with holiday moving. Here are a few things you should watch out for during the holidays (besides Santa’s sleigh).

The Best Timing for Holiday Moving

Although Colonial Van Lines treats all our customers like family, some of us have other family members to attend to during the holidays. In order to make sure we have time for all our commitments, we like you to let us know about your move as soon as possible. Even though the holiday season is not a peak time to move, it is a busy season for everyone, movers included. If you’re planning on moving, the best plan of action is to book a reliable company ahead of time.

And make sure to take advantage of Black Friday and Super Saturday for what they’re meant for – shopping. Weekends during the holiday season can be a traffic nightmare You could end up paying extra money because of the extra congestion on the road. We say, spend your weekends trying to save money on gifts, rather than spend extra on a move. Avoid moving on holiday weekends if possible.

Budgeting for a Holiday Move

The word budget comes up a lot during the holidays, food budget, gas budget, gift budget, and calorie budget. While a calorie budget may be best put off until after the holidays, a moving budget might not be so easy. But never fear, if weight watching is off the table, there are other ways of tightening your belt during holiday moving.

One of the best ways to keep your moving budget down is by calling Colonial Van Lines for a free estimate first. At Colonial Van Lines, we know that a hastily planned move can end up costing you extra in the end. The best way to avoid falling into expense traps is by getting a detailed breakdown from a professional moving company. Colonial Van Lines doesn’t hide service charges from our clients. With our free rate quote, you approve all our services up front, and we won’t let you sign a contract until reading it carefully. This holiday season, our free rate quote is our gift to you. Click here to request it.


When the weather outside is frightful, moving can be a little scary as well. Since its most likely you don’t have a sleigh on hand, you’ll have to take extra precautions, especially if you live in the colder parts of the country or are traveling through it. Icy roads, white-out blizzards are both things to anticipate when traveling in mountain regions and colder climates.

In order to avoid a hazardous holiday, packing for the weather is necessary. Boots, shovels, salt, and hats should all be at the ready. Use waterproof plastic bins as often as possible for packing your belongings and beware of slippery stairs, and sidewalks. Another word to the wise, have your heat and electricity turned on in your new house for the warmest and brightest holiday season.


Usually, decorations are the last thing to unpack when you move, but during the holiday season, you may want to make them a priority. When gift boxes are in order, moving boxes can make a very unattractive contrast. To avoid unnecessary holiday moving blues, keep the holiday décor, gift wrapping essentials and holiday wardrobe separate and in clearly marked boxes. That way you can hang the holly before you even hang your clothing.


One thing the holiday season and moving have in common is that they’re both great opportunities to make donations. You can keep your moving light and the season bright for others by donating your unwanted items to charity. Foundations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army will pick up your donations free of charge. Another thing that the holiday season and moving have in common is that they’re both good times for holding on to receipts. If you save your receipts from donations, you could a break on your taxes.


Beware, Santa may not be the only person to visit your home this holiday season. Incongruous as it seems, home robberies increase during the holidays. According to the FBI, December is the peak month for home burglaries, as people tend to leave their homes unattended during the holiday season. To prevent your new home from becoming a target, set up your security system before or right after your relocation. The last thing you want during the holidays is for someone to leave your house with a bag full of toys that you footed the bill for.

If a stress-free long-distance move is one of your holiday dreams, Colonial Van Lines will make it come true. With over 50 years of moving experience, and after fifty holiday seasons, we know what that takes. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Whether you need assistance with packing, storage, or transportation we can customize a plan around your budget and you can rest assured of constant communication and throughout the whole moving process.

At Colonial Movers we ensure:

  • Professional Care: We’ll handle your belongings as if they were our own.
  • Reliability: Our insured licensed professionals will be in constant communication throughout your move.
  • Efficiency: We work as quickly as possible to keep costs to a minimum
  • Cost Effective: Apply for our free quote today or download our app for a closer estimate and features to help with inventory, ordering boxes, and scheduling.

If holiday moving is on your to-do list, Colonial Van Lines will help you get it done. Until then, may your holidays be bright, and your moves as light as possible.