Moving in the Winter

Moving in the winter can be a fun adventure, but just as equally, it can turn into a bit of a disaster. The trick is to plan and know your way around the move. We’ve compiled a list of tips for moving during the winter that will help you plan and prepare for your move. Take a look at these ideas to implement into your moving strategy. 

Get Your Utilities Up and Running at Your New Home

It wouldn’t exactly be ideal for moving into your new place without any heat running. And because winter days are shorter, you’re going to be working with less sunshine. So, we recommend making sure your heat, water, gas, and electricity are functioning and running when you arrive.

Have Winter Gear Readily Available

You never know when you’re going to need a shovel, salt, sand, or an ice-scraper. These can all be useful if any unforeseen events arise. And if you don’t come across a situation where they are needed, at least you were prepared. 

Clear Driveway and Walkways

Moving is difficult at the best of times with even the most ideal weather. But with snow and ice, things can get a little more dangerous. Do yourself and your movers a favor and clear your driveway and walkways of any snow and ice. You don’t want anyone slipping and hurting themselves or damaging your possessions while trying to pack everything up.

Plan to Move in the Morning

Fewer winter daylight hours mean less sunshine and light to work in during the day. We suggest planning to move in the morning and make the most of what daylight you’ll have. 

Protect Your Floors

Lay down tarps or other kinds of protective coverings for your floors since you, your friends, or your movers could track snow, mud, and other materials in and out. You want to leave your old place in good shape for the new owners, and tracks of mud and dirt and stains from salt aren’t going to be the welcome home gift they want. 

Make Sure to Pack Winter Clothes and Keep Them Accessible

It’s always a good idea to have lots of warm clothes and accessories on hand when moving during the winter. Make sure you’ve got extra gloves just in case a pair is misplaced. You’re also going to want to pack extra winter wear in case snow and sleet leaves your moving outfit wet and unwearable. 

Service Your Car

If you service your car before a winter move, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor. Doing so can really make a difference in avoiding accidents or breakdowns, neither of which is especially enjoyable when it’s below freezing. Make sure to have a mechanic check your car out before you drive it any long distances in winter weather. 

Protect Your Electronics

Phone batteries drain faster in the winter because the cold weather slows or even stops reactions inside your phone to keep it running properly. It would be advisable to keep your electronics wrapped up and as warm as possible during a winter move to preserve their battery life. 

Make a Winter Survival Kit 

One of the best things you can do when moving in the winter is to be prepared for anything. A winter survival kit will help! You could put anything from packing tape, antifreeze, flashlights, blankets, a window scraper, snow boots, etc., inside of it. Once it’s all packed, keep it close to you, preferably inside your vehicle as you drive to your new place.  

Be Prepared for the Weather

Winter weather can be unpredictable. Keep an eye on the weather reports and be aware of any inclement weather patterns. Be prepared to make changes if poor weather affects your moving plans. And make sure you discuss alternative moving strategies or flexibility with moving with your movers. 

Hire Movers

Professional movers are going to be better able to move your belongings and pack them accordingly. They have years of experience working and moving in all kinds of weather and are experts in this field. 

Choose Colonial Van Lines to Help with Your Winter Move

Colonial Van Lines has been providing professional movers to help families move for decades. Trust us to handle your move and possessions with care as we help you move quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more. 

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