Thinking of cross-country moving to “The Sun City?” Whether it’s for work, family, or the climate, Colonial Van Lines is here to help make sure that your long-distance move to El Paso is a seamless one.

El Paso, TX Long-Distance Movers

For many, long-distance moving to El Paso, TX, is a no-brainer. El Paso has been named as one of the safest cities in the United States, with many years being listed as the safest. El Paso is also known for having excellent education opportunities, making this desert city a magnet for families. Add a consistently low unemployment rate and you have a perfect recipe for a place to live.

Before moving to El Paso, here are some things to know:

  • Sunny and Hot: El Paso is named “The Sun City” due to the fact that it experiences over 290 sunny days per year on average, making for hot summers and pleasant other seasons.
  • Need a Car: While there is a public transportation system, most residents opt for a car to get around, due to how spaced out El Paso is.
  • Activities Abound: Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a nightlife lover, El Paso has a little something for everyone.
    If you are looking to book cross-country movers in El Paso, TX, make sure to book them at least three months in advance as a rule of thumb.

Long-Distance Moving Services in El Paso, TX

Long-distance moving in El Paso, TX doesn’t have to be messy, especially when you have the right help in your corner. We offer the following moving services to help make your move efficient:

  • Long-Distance Moving: From beginning to end, our cross-country movers can help you make a smooth transition to your new home. Whether it’s packing or planning, we got you covered.

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