Long Distance Moving in Chula Vista

Cross-country moving to Chula Vista just got easier thanks to Colonial Van Lines and our professional moving services. We’ve been in the business of moving people across the country for decades. 

Chula Vista Long-Distance Movers

It’s always advisable to book your cross-country movers to Chula Vista in advance, and not just because the city has some good and bad times to move. Chula Vista is the second-largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area and the seventh-largest city in Southern California. It boasts a wide variety of beautiful landscapes and scenic views.

  • Coastal Landscapes: The city offers 52 miles of coastal landscapes, rolling hills, beautiful parks, and mountains. These landscapes attract a great deal of attention from tourists, so be prepared to deal with them, especially during the warm months of the year.
  • Chula Vista Lemon Festival: Chula Vista is the lemon capital of the world, and they sure know how to celebrate it! The Lemon Festival takes place every year and typically takes place in late August. 
  • Otay Ranch: The city is very popular and ever-growing with new people moving in all the time. This makes for lots of fun shopping centers and eateries, so be sure to check out Otay Ranch when you’re all moved in for some fun local experiences. 

Long-Distance Moving Services in Chula Vista, CA

We offer a couple of different long-distance moving services to clients moving to Chula Vista, including the following:

  • Long-Distance Moving: We offer long-distance, professional moving services from start to finish. Our team of highly qualified movers will make sure your belongings receive the best moving care possible.
  • Colonial Cubes: Colonial Van Lines is also pleased to offer the Colonial Cube service to Chula Vista. The cube is a storage device that doubles as a moving device and can be packed with your belongings and moved separately. 


From the Nation’s Top Long Distance Moving Company

The Colonial Cube

Colonial Cubes are designed to make your moving experience all the more comfortable and easy. You can choose to pack it up yourself or have our movers handle the packing process. Once it’s all ready to go, we’ll transport it to your new location or store it in a nearby storage facility until you’re ready to unpack. 

Our Colonial Cubes are:

  • Weather-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Secure
  • Stored right-side-up to keep your items safe
  • Great for temporary or long-term storage
  • Great for long-distance moving

This service elevates the moving game to a higher level of professional flexibility and can truly make your long-distance moving to Chula Vista easier. Learn more about our cross-country movers to Chula Vista and Colonial Cube availability when you contact us today. 

Colonial Cubes Are Available in the Following Areas:


We get questions about our services and the Colonial Cube often. Take a look at some of the answers below.

1. How Does the Colonial Cube Work?

The cube will be dropped off at your current location. You can choose to pack it yourself or have our professional movers handle that for you. Once it’s packed, we will secure it and transport it to your new location—whether that is your new place or a nearby storage facility until you’re ready for it. Colonial Cubes are available in select cities within 250 miles of any of our hub locations.

2. What Should I Prioritize During a Move?

Take a look at our long-distance moving checklist to get some ideas for where to start on your move. Packing up and moving across the cou

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