Long-Distance Moving in Roseville, CA

Are you preparing for long-distance moving to Roseville, CA? Colonial Van Lines can make the experience easier, more efficient, and better overall with our years of professional moving experience. 

Roseville Long-Distance Movers

Moving to Roseville means you’re about to move to one of the best locations for high-paying jobs, vast rental opportunities, and low cost of city-owned utilities. It’s a thriving area and is the largest city in Placer County, California, located within the Sacramento metropolitan area. Take a look at some of the attractions and beauties you’ll enjoy that you should also be aware of when planning your moving date:

  • Weather: The weather in the area tends to be pretty warm in the summer, with highs in the 90s, and cooler in the winter, with lows in the mid-40s. Keep that in mind when you’re planning your cross-country moving trip. 
  • Westfield Galleria at Roseville: Roseville, CA, is considered to be a regional shopping designation. The Westfield Galleria at Roseville is the main shopping location in the city and the second-largest shopping mall in Northern California. There will likely always be a decent-sized crowd of local and visiting shoppers in the area. 
  • Job Opportunities: The city is known for having amazing job opportunities, which might be part of why you’re moving there. But keep that in mind for your move as it could mean the area might be crowded with new people moving in fairly regularly. 

It’s always a good idea to prepare for a big move well in advance. We recommend arranging your move with our cross-country movers in Roseville at least three months before the actual moving date. 

Long-Distance Moving Services in Roseville, CA

Colonial Van Lines has long-distance moving services that have been helping people get their belongings from one location to another for years. In Roseville, CA, we offer the following services:

  • Long-Distance Moving: We have full-service long-distance moving that gets you from point A to point B with minimal hassle and inconvenience. The professional movers on our team know how to pack your possessions and transport them safely. 
  • Colonial Cubes: The Colonial Cube is a storage service option that we also offer to clients in Roseville. This modular moving option allows greater flexibility when it comes to moving your belongings. 


From the Nation’s Top Long Distance Moving Company

The Colonial Cube

The Colonial Cube is a secure and safe way to move part or most of your belongings. A cross-country move is a big process to undertake. This storage and the moving option is a great one to consider as you plan out long-distance moving to Roseville, CA. 

Our Colonial Cubes are: 

  • Weather-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Secure
  • Stored right-side-up to keep your items safe
  • Great for temporary or long-term storage
  • Great for long-distance moving

Our professional movers can help pack up your cube, or you can handle the logistics of doing so yourself. Once it’s all packed, we will transport it to your new location or to a nearby storage facility where it will wait, safely and securely, until you are ready to unpack it. 

Colonial Cubes Are Available in the Following Areas:


Take a look at some answers to commonly asked questions regarding our services and what long-distance moving looks like. 

1. How Does the Colonial Cube Work?

The Colonial Cube is dropped off at your current location. You can either pack it up or have our professional movers handle that task. Once it’s ready to go, we’ll lock it up and transport it to either your new location or a nearby storage facility. 

2. What Should I Prioritize During a Move?

Cross-country moving involves a lot of moving parts. There are so many things to remember and keep track of that it’s understandable to feel a bit daunted by the task. Take a look at our long-distance moving checklist to get an idea of where to start. 

3. How Long Does This Process Take?

Your professional cross-country movers in Roseville, CA, will be sure to provide you with prompt, quality services as we help pack and transport your belongings across the country. However, because cross-country moving depends on variables outside of our control, it helps to be a little flexible on your exact moving date. That way, we can roll with any unexpected punches that come our way and still get you moved to your new place. 

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