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Colonial Van Lines Free Moving App

Colonial Van Lines Moving App

At Colonial Van Lines we’re big on using the latest innovative tools to get you up and moving. That’s why we’ve created the industry’s first and leading in home moving estimator. With this application, you’re able to get an even more accurate quote from the comfort of your home. With the Colonial moving app, you can take pictures and video of your inventory items, order boxes, and have access to moving tools to help make your move a smooth one.

Virtual Inventory of Items

With the Colonial Van Lines app, you are able to take pictures and videos of all the items and belongings you wish to move. This process is made simple with an easy to use interface.

Accurate Quoting

With its easy to use design and ability to take pictures and videos, the Colonial Van Lines app creates a more simplified and accurate moving quote experience. As the items are uploaded, your representative is able to view the items and accurately quote them for you.

Ease of Use

The Colonial Van Lines moving app was created with an easy to use interface. This means that you can easily find and upload your belongings with ease. This gives you the complete freedom and flexibility to manage your items.

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Our Happy Clients

At Colonial Van Lines we help move over 19,000 customers per year! As one of the best moving companies within the nation, we believe in creating a smooth moving experience for our customers. Best of all, we love hearing from our customers. Here are just a few of our recent Colonial Van Lines reviews:

Excellent Experience

5 5 1
I used Colonial Van Lines for my 700-mile move because of their response time and presence online, and I had an excellent experience. The moving coordinator who estimated my inventory and gave me a quote was straightforward. I had a pleasant experience and I don't recall running into issues.

Professional Movers!

5 5 1
I retired and I was moving from a state to another state and I used Colonial Van Lines because of the service they provided and their pricing. Their coordinator was very good and the move went really well. I was surprised that we hit the target weight pretty close. I was pleased with everything and I would highly recommend Colonial to anybody who is moving.

Trouble Free Experience

5 5 1
I retired and moved out of Illinois to Florida. Colonial Van Lines could do their estimate by video and send it to people electronically, and that made a lot easier than other ways. The move was all pretty straightforward. The moving coordinator was real good at staying in communication and made sure everything was up to date before the move. The service was pretty accurate as well. We were ready to go and had everything packed up. So the pick-up people were in and they had the things packed up and out pretty quickly, which was also the same as far as the delivery. We ended up having more stuff but realized we underestimated a few things. Everyone that I dealt with was very knowledgeable and helped with everything. It was a positive, easy and pretty much trouble-free experience and I'd recommend Colonial Van Lines. 55556449-CO
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