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Moving in the Summer: 8 Things to Know

Moving in the Summer: 8 Things to Know
March 25, 2022

Summer is truly the prime time to move. There are so many benefits that come with picking the warmer time of year for your move, including nice weather, summer break for your kids, and even days off from work for holidays and family vacations. 

However, just because there are many advantages to moving in the summer, that doesn’t mean there aren’t potentially tricky aspects to consider. 

Preparing to Move During Summer

Let’s take a look at eight important factors to consider when preparing to move during the summer:

Start Packing Early

Once your move date is confirmed, you should start packing as early as six to eight weeks in advance. Trust us; you’ll be surprised at how long packing takes, so the earlier you start working on it, the better. 

As you pack, we suggest going through all your belongings and figuring out which items to donate or throw away. This can significantly lighten your packing load and the cost of moving. 

Expect to Pay More

Moving during the summer will cost you more than any other time of year. Why? Because that’s when the majority of moves occur. High demand equals higher prices. You’ll likely spend more on just about everything—from packing materials to the movers you hire. It’s likely worth it to do so; just keep that in mind as you plan for your move. 

Schedule Everything Ahead of Time

It’s expensive to move during the summer because so many other people do it. That means there’s a high potential that you’ll run out of options for movers, moving trucks, et cetera. This is another reason getting everything done early is crucial. Start comparing moving company prices ahead of time, make your decision, and schedule your movers well in advance. 

Moving in the Summer: 8 Things to Know

Have Water Ready

On moving day, the last thing you want to deal with is a dehydrated and/or overheated family or crew member. Be sure to stay hydrated during your summer move. Have water bottles ready for you, your family, your movers, as well as anyone else that might be helping you move out. 

Start Moving Early

We don’t mean to move earlier than your moving date. We mean start moving early in the day. 

Before the sun rises, temperatures are often significantly cooler. Your family and your moving crew will thank you for the foresight, and who knows, you might just avoid the serious heat of the day by getting the entire move done earlier in the morning. 

Dress Light

Be sure to wear appropriate clothing for the move. You’ll want items that protect your body from dust or damage as you move things, but also ones that breathe. Cotton is a reliable go-to. 

Your moving day is not a day for dressing up. We also suggest closed-toed shoes with high-quality socks, again for the sake of protecting your feet as well as to provide optimal support for the long day ahead. 

Remember Your Electronics

The summer heat can affect more than just you and your family. It can also damage your electronics if you aren’t careful. We suggest keeping your electronics as cool as possible by transporting them with the AC on in your car. Moving earlier in the day will also help you protect sensitive items, as the heat won’t be in full force yet. 

Avoid Holiday Weekends

Don’t plan your summer move during a holiday weekend, such as the Fourth of July. Moving during the summer will be crowded and difficult enough without you making it happen on a national holiday when people are naturally going to be out and about more than usual. 

If you can, plan for a weekday move. Even that will likely be better than any given weekend during summertime. 

Trust Colonial Van Lines with Your Summer Move

Contact us today to learn how we can help make your summer move better, faster, and more efficient. Our team is highly experienced in long-distance moving and is ready to serve you.


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