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What do the Top National Moving Companies do differently?

What do the Top National Moving Companies do differently?
January 2, 2020

What sets a moving company apart from the rest? Burlier movers, bigger trucks, fancier uniforms? If only it were so easy. While many moving companies look the part, some play it better than others. The top national moving companies are the ones that pay special attention to their customers. Needless to say, it takes more than a once-over to find a moving company that treats its customers well.
So, if not by the cover, how can we judge a moving company? Namely, by its reputation, qualifications, and track record. A reputable moving company will have met certain standards; a top national moving company will have exceeded them. At Colonial Van Lines, we know what it takes to make a moving company exceptional. Here are some tell-tale signs of a company that goes above and beyond.

A Top National Moving Company Must Comply with DOT and FMSCA Regulations.
Safety first! A top-rated national moving company will make safety a priority. One of the ways to tell that a moving company is up to safety standard regulations is by checking for a DOT number. A DOT number shows that the company has met the DOT (Department of Transportation) and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association) standards. If a company doesn’t have a DOT number, it means it hasn’t proven that it’s operating safely.

To check for a company’s DOT number, go to transportation.gov.

A Top National Moving Company Must Have Insurance
If its safety first, insurance is right up there behind it. Even a number from the DOT is no guarantee against accidents. A company that is fully insured will cover you in cases of damage, loss, or injury.

Supplies Party
Supplies, supplies – having the right tools for the job is essential. The best national moving companies have them, and they’ll bring them to your house as part of their services. When a company anticipates its customers’ needs, it shows professionalism and experience.

Informative Sales Representatives
When you’re moving, you’re going to have a lot of questions. The last thing you want is a sales representative that’s not capable of answering them. A top moving company will have sales reps that listen to the details of your move and provide a plan that works within your budget and timeframe. They should be able to provide comprehensive answers to your questions and give you an accurate forecast of your expenses.

Experienced Crew Members and Account Representatives
A company may have been in the business for a good amount of time, but that doesn’t mean its workers have. A top-rated moving company understands that you don’t want a first-time employee put to the test on your dime. It will opt to hire experienced crew members and account representatives who can ensure a professional moving experience for its customers.

Provides Helpful Resources for Its Customers
An exceptional moving company will be prepared to offer you every resource you need to get you through your move without lifting a finger, but it should also understand that some customers would rather lift a few fingers than pay for extra services. Moving companies are there to be helpful. If you prefer to do some of the work on your own, a moving company will be happy to provide you with outside resources to make your job easier.

Outstanding Reviews
Customers tell it like it is. A satisfied customer will gush praises, a dissatisfied customer won’t let the moving company live it down. Top national moving companies will have more of the former than the latter.

What Makes Colonial Van Lines a Top National Moving Company
Now that you know what separates a top national moving company from a plain old national moving company, you may be curious as to how Colonial Van Lines stacks up. We’ll let you be the judge.

Fully Compliant
DOT and FMSCA compliance? You bet your sweet patootie. Colonial Van Lines would never put its customer’s safety in jeopardy. We’re also fully insured, so we’ve got your back in case of unfortunate circumstances. If you want to see proof, just ask us. Our friendly, helpful sales representatives are ready to provide you with copies of our COI (Certificate Insurance) as well as our moving license.

For more information on obtaining a moving license, check out smallbusiness.chron.com.

Endless Supplies
Another thing about Colonial Van Lines is that its always full of endless supplies. When you opt for our packing service, we bring all the materials to you, including blankets for wrapping furniture, and professional moving equipment.

Sales Reps with Great Reps
Our sales reps are among the best in the business. They’ll find the least costly plan for your move and offer you a free rate quote based on your specific needs. The pros at Colonial Van Lines prefer that you make a well-informed decision, rather than a hasty one. Our no-obligation free rate quotes are designed to give you time to think it through before signing a contract.

Experience is Necessary
When Colonial Van Lines hires its employees, experience is necessary. With us, you can rest assured that our professional crew will see you through it from the get-go to the wind-up. Rely on your personal account representative to keep special notes on your move. He’ll act as the middleman between you and our moving crew to ensure a smooth and worry-free transition into your new home.

Make no mistake, Colonial Van Lines can and will pull out all the stops to get you through your move effortlessly. However, if you want to pull out some of the stops, we can provide you with resources that will help. Our free moving app lets you order packing supplies and moving boxes, add special information regarding the handling of specific items and use a checklist as a reference for your relocation preparations.

Thumbs Up from our Customers
As for our reviews, we’ll let them speak for themselves. Read all about what our customers have to say on the Reviews page on our website.

A Final Word from Colonial Van Lines
Colonial Van Lines has a reliable, trustworthy team, that cares about its customers. That’s what makes us exceptional. If you’re looking for the best top national moving company, we’ve got what it takes to move a nation. Request our free rate quote today and let us get you moving.


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