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Moving to Montana

So you’re looking into long distance moving to Montana. There are a few things anyone looking to move to Montana should know before planning and starting the trip. Whether you take I-90 or I-94, it is advisable to move to Montana in the spring or fall due to the possibility of severe winter weather. Severe winters can bring freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, which complicates any drive no matter how little traffic one encounters. Winter can also bring fog and low clouds which hinder visibility, so avoid travel in the winter if you can. The harsh winters also push most construction into the hotter summer days, so it is important to check with the Montana Department of Transportation before you move to make sure your route is clear.

Montana boasts a sparse population and wide open spaces, so traffic isn’t an issue, but this also means you should be extra prepared when driving long distances. A fully charged cell phone is a must, as well as food, water, a tool kit, and a first aid kit. This may sound extreme at first, but it is good to be safe on long roads with little prospect of assistance in case of emergency.

Top Cities in Montana


Billings, the largest city in Montana, boasts a booming oil industry as well as a fast-growing healthcare market. The good jobs bring steady, hardworking people to the city, so its downtown centers have expanded and revitalized in recent years. The inner portions of the city are host to craft breweries and good bike routes, while the outer edges stretch to include Bighorn Canyon and Pictograph Cave. 


Missoula is another gem that dots the expansive Montana landscape, and it is surrounded by 60,000 beautiful acres of wilderness. Blue-ribbon trout fishing is but one of many popular outdoor activities that may be enjoyed in and around Missoula, and the city also harbors a vibrant arts and entertainment scene thanks to the local University of Montana. Craft beer is doing well in Missoula too, with the Big Sky Brewing Company touting its microbrews throughout the city. 

Great Falls

Great Falls sparks many a good time thanks to its thriving energy industry, replete with many dams and power plants. The city is right on the Missouri River so outdoor enjoyment is quick and easy to find, and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex is within travel distance as well. This natural marvel preserves 1.5 million acres of wilderness so you may explore it to your heart’s content. The downtown area is home to museums and art galleries, so you can enrich yourself within the city too.


Home to Montana State University and a healthy college population, Bozeman is a great mix of youthful energy and mature professionalism. A burgeoning technology industry pushes the city to new economic heights, while its nearby mountains and rivers draw skiers, anglers, and rafters to lots of good times with nature. Those looking to be on the cutting edge of technology can head to Bozeman for their laser optics research opportunities.


Helena is the capital city of Montana, and it is set between the wonderful Glacier and Yellowstone national parks. It is also home to Lake Helena, which ensures that there are plenty of opportunities to fish, swim, boat, and hike. Helena National Forest keeps hikers and campers happy, while the city’s inner areas can brag about a growing, buzzing artistic movement.

Montana Statistics

Montana is the fourth largest state in terms of total land area, while it is 44th in terms of population. This disparity between Montana’s size and its population density means that the state is wide open and easy to drive around and travel in, unless it’s the middle of winter. Statistically, the most important and largest industries in Montana are agriculture, mining, and lumber, although college cities are breaking through with technology-related research, and the beautiful Montana wilderness boosts the tourism industry.

Areas where Montana hits the low point are crime-related, which is great when you want to move there. Montana ranks 45th out of 50 when it comes to violent crime, 45th for property crime, and 47th for robbery. Capital punishment is virtually non-existent in Montana, with only two death sentences carried out over the past year.

In Montana, teachers are freer to do their work, with only 14.4 students per teacher throughout the state. This allows teachers to devote themselves to their jobs, and this shows; Montana is ranked ninth out of 50 on the Best Educated index.

Things to Do in Montana

Rivers, mountains, big blue sky – you name it – if it’s outdoorsy, Montana has it. There is an abundance of natural beauty and fun to be enjoyed in Montana, thanks to its inclusion of both Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. Fishing, boating, hiking, rafting, climbing – the list of outdoor activities can stretch on longer than the wide open spaces of Montana itself. While all kinds of activities are available to enjoy in the state, the four biggest ones are skiing, snowboarding, hunting, and fishing. The Big Sky Ski Resort is a large and well-known ski area, but it is only one of the 15 spread throughout Montana. Recreational gun owners also enjoy Montana, because its hunting seasons are typically abundant. Getting a hunting and/or fishing license ensures that you and your family may enjoy the challenge of catching your own food.

Despite all of this, Montana isn’t just a wide open haven for outdoor activities; a thriving university culture spreads itself throughout many of the state’s cities, and vibrant downtown areas are home to craft brewers, art galleries, museums, and restaurants. Researchers bring strong technological know-how to the state, so if you are an expert in the tech industry or you wish to become one, Montana is a great place to go. The state has its magnificent outdoor havens open for you, and it is cultivating its education and technology industries so more people may come and live in their own Montana way.

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