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New Mexico

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Moving To New Mexico

New Mexico features warm weather and open land, making it a great place for those who love being outdoors. However, some people find that Albuquerque and other parts of the state, which are at a high elevation, can make them feel unwell because of altitude sickness. You may feel tired or get a headache, or you may even be overcome by nausea, but these symptoms will pass and even completely disappear once you get used to the altitude. Be sure to drink plenty of water and take your physical activity slow until you get used to the altitude in the area. The state has a mild, arid climate that has light precipitation and lots of sun with low humidity. The temperature ranges from an average of 70 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 100.

Top Cities in New Mexico


Albuquerque is the largest city in the state of New Mexico with a population of well over 550,000. The city was named after the 10th Duke of Albuquerque from New Spain, whose title referred to a Spanish town near the border of Portugal. There are a lot of institutions that call this city home, such as the Kirtland Air Force Base, the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, and the University of New Mexico, among others. There is a high concentration of high-tech, private companies as well as government institutions in the region. The city is home to the highly tourist-friendly attraction of the International Balloon Festival, which is the largest gathering of hot air balloons and takes place in October.

Las Cruces

Las Cruces is New Mexico’s second largest city, with over 100,000 residents. The city is the geographic and economic center of Mesilla Valley and the home of New Mexico State University, which is the only land-grant university in the state. The Organ Mountains can be seen as a dominant portion of the city’s landscape, with other mountains nearby. Las Cruces is just 46 miles north of the Mexican border, and the city also houses the headquarters for Virgin Galactic, the first company in the world to offer sub-orbital space flights.

Rio Rancho

The third largest city in the state is Rio Rancho, with around 93,000 residents. While it is third in size now, it is one of the fastest expanding cities in the state. This area was founded in 1710 by Spanish settlers. The arid climate in this region comes from the rain shadow of the nearby mountains, which amounts to nearly 9 inches of rain on an annual basis. The western portion of the city usually gets even more as they are at a higher elevation and see more snowfall than the densely populated eastern portion of the area. The Intel Corporation is the largest employer in the city and one of the biggest tourist draws in the annual National Speleological Society’s convention.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is the capital city of the state and its fourth largest city, with 69,000 residents. The full name of the town is quite long: La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asis, which translates into The Royal Town of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi. The area was originally inhabited by Tanoan people who lived in numerous villages along the river. One of the earliest settlements is now the downtown portion of the city. Later, the main line of the railroad bypassed Santa Fe and it lost population, but artists, writers, and even retirees were attracted the richness and cultural aspects of the region as well as the dry climate.

New Mexico Statistics

New Mexico shares the Four Corners with Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. It’s possible to stand in all four states at once there. It has more than 121,000 miles of space and comes in at number 36 in the country for population. Its economy depends on oil drilling, dryland farming, cattle ranching, mineral extraction, and other industries. The region was inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years before Europeans explored, and it was colonized by the Spanish in 1598. It got its name way before Mexico won its independence from Spain and took its own name, and the landscape includes wide deserts colored like roses and broken mesas as well as snow-capped peaks. There are even some heavily forested areas in the north.

Things to Do in New Mexico

One of the biggest tourist attractions is the International Balloon Festival, which takes place in October. Balloonists come from all over the world to fly, compete, and show the guests hundreds of balloons flying at once. Thanks to that festival, it is also very popular to offer balloon rides at sunset in the region. New Mexico features several hot springs and geysers that locals and visitors enjoy touring and visiting on a regular basis. 

There’s the Riverbend Hot Springs, Jemez Hot Springs and more. Since the state has been around and inhabited way before it was even a state, there’s also a lot of indigenous history here. Petroglyph National Park and Kashu Katuwe Tent National Monument showcase a life of the past, while the White Sands National Monument shows a nearly endless waterless sea where you can visit a museum and sled down a huge dune of sand. 

There are many scenic drives that you don’t want to miss, including the High Road to Taos, the Enchanted Circle Drive, and the Sandia Crest Byway. For those who enjoy National Parks, the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Park shows you what life was like for certain Native Americans thousands of years ago, and there are ancient ruins to explore in the Aztec Ruins National Park and Pueblo Bonita. For hikers, there’s plenty of history to explore with a walk on Canyon Road or Manby Hot Springs as well as on the New Mexico Rails to Trails, which includes a hiking trail. There are also caverns and caves to explore in the King’s Palace and other sites.

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