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Moving to Utah

Long distance moving to Utah, also known as the Beehive State, can be a considerable transition for some. While the weather and overall aesthetic of the area can be breathtaking, there are a couple of things that new residents often find themselves trying to get accustomed to. 

One of the most important is the tax situation. There is a flat income tax in Utah. Also, the state taxes Social Security benefits. For some, it’s a good idea to make some calculations in advance so as to avoid surprises in the future. On the upside, the state has a great economy with an ever growing job market. Unemployment is very low, and there are lots of different opportunities to find work within the state lines.

When transitioning in from another state, most people notice right away that being outside is a major thing for residents of Utah. There are several national parks, national monuments, and national forests, making this an ideal place to hike, bike, walk and explore. Don’t forget to pack a heavy duty winter coat for times when the snow is really coming down and plenty of shorts for the warm summer days that offer countless outdoor activities for individuals and families.

Top Cities in Utah

Salt Lake City

In the past, Salt Lake City was centered on a Mormon heritage. But today, things are changing and the city itself is more welcoming and more accessible to the average person. This isn’t to say that the Mormon influence is completely gone; it’s hard to miss the beautiful Salt Lake Temple in downtown Salt Lake City. The city is considered to be the 15th Best Place to Live in the United States. One of the reasons is the lower cost of living when compared to other state capitals and large metropolitan areas. Salt Lake City is just one of the reasons why Utah ranks highly when it comes to fiscal stability and economy.

Individuals and families can choose to live in the heart of the city or opt to be slightly separated from that busy lifestyle in any one of the residential communities within the city limits. Because of the city’s focus on sustainability, many residents have started to depend on the public transportation system that has continued to see improvements over the past decade. Commuter trains carry residents from one city to the next, making it easy to live slightly farther out while still maintaining employment within the city.

West Valley City

Nestled right next to Salt Lake City is West Valley City. Its sense of community is second to none and friendly residents make this a great place to live. Of course, beautiful views don’t hurt either. Real economic development took place when Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics back in 2002. West Valley City was the host for the hockey competitions and major improvements were made to the area. 

Today, some big-name employers call this city home including Verizon Wireless, Frito Lay, and UPS. It’s easy to assume that the state of Utah has a homogenous population that lacks diversity, but West Valley City dispels that theory soundly. In 2002 the city opened up the Utah Cultural Celebration Center, looking to play host to several different types of cultural activities, concerts, and even educational programs. In reality, the city is a welcoming place that both encourages and appreciates diversity.


Ever heard of the Silicon Desert or the Silicon Slopes? Provo is taking the lead when it comes to tech as of late, being one of the first cities to hook up to Google Fiber. It’s also home to companies like eBay, Adobe, and Word Perfect. But this isn’t the only reason why people choose to make the transition to this city. There’s a lot to love about the area, the attractions, and the people.

Disc golf is big in the city with over eight different courses dedicated to the sport. The Stairway to Heaven, a great place to ice climb, is located here as well. And of course, residents are extra proud of their Cougars. With Brigham Young University located within the city limits, sports fans can’t help but pay attention to the athletes this school creates. 

Utah Statistics

Just over three million people call Utah home. According to US News and World Report, the state ranks number one in fiscal stability, second in the economy, and third in education. This alone is enough to draw a large number of people to Utah each year. Back in 2016, the state had the youngest population in the United States with around 33% of its residents being under eighteen years old. The Utah Jazz is part of the National Basketball Association and the Real Salt Lake is part of Major League Soccer. Outside of that, residents root for their favorite collegiate athletes hailing from Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. 

Things to Do in Utah

There are five national parks in Utah, each with its own unique offerings. Arches, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Zion Park are the perfect places to spend an adventurous weekend. Aptly named Salt Lake is the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere. It’s hard to find people that live in Utah that aren’t interested in going out for the occasional hike. Those that love being outside will appreciate that come winter time, Utah comes alive, offering multiple winter sports for those interested. The largest ski resort in the county is located in Park City.

Park City also gets a lot of attention every January as the Sundance Film Festival is held here. Lots of people descend on the city to take a close look at a wide variety of films. Founded by Robert Redford, the goal of the festival is to “advance the work of independent storytellers.”

There are also lots of other ways to experience all that Utah has to offer. The Utah Olympic Park, also located in Park City, offers a tour, classes, and workshops. The Natural History Museum of Utah explains some of the science and history behind some of the state’s breathtaking views. There are over 5,000 artifacts to check out. For those interested in some of Utah’s history, Temple Square is a popular destination as everyone is welcome. Special events and even concerts are often held here. Guests have the option of exploring the grounds themselves or taking a tour with one of the missionaries

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