Long-Distance Moving in Chicago

Are you planning a long-distance move to Chicago? 

Colonial Van Lines are cross country movers in Chicago who can help make the process easy, convenient, and affordable.

Chicago Long-Distance Movers

Chicago is a big, exciting city with a lot of experienced residents. Moving to Chicago could make you feel like an outsider, but we’re going to fast-track your education with these tips about the Windy City:

  • Cold Weather: Cold is an understatement. Lake Michigan can make snow and wind feel 10 degrees colder than it is. If you’re moving in the winter, bring winter clothes. Watch out for black ice too. Buy an emergency kit in case you get stuck in the snow.
  • The Beach: In the summer, you can hang out at the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan playing volleyball, walking the dog, visiting restaurants, and much more.
  • Public Transportation: Traffic is dense here, so residents love using ridesharing, buses, elevated (“L”) trains, and taxis, along with the downtown Pedway, or pedestrian walkway. You might not use a car much here. 

Carefully look at your new neighborhood and figure out where you’ll park your moving truck or cube. Ask your neighbors’ permission to be in the way for a bit.

Long-Distance Moving Services in Chicago

Colonial Vans offers the most experienced cross-country movers to Chicago. We specialize in the concerns and needs of state-to-state moves. We’ll keep your things totally safe while loading them, moving them, and unloading them. We can offer: 

  • Long-Distance Moving: Your cross-country move to Chicago will be stress-free with full-service packing. Our professional movers are licensed and experienced. They’ll get you there on time and put your things where you want them.
  • Colonial Cubes: Long-distance moving to Chicago can be easy and flexible with this option. Put your things in a storage cube, and we’ll move it straight to your new home or to a nearby, secure storage facility.

Some people don’t like packing or moving. Let us take care of as many details of your move as possible. Get a free quote and we’ll help your move go more smoothly.

Let Mover Bob Calculate the Cost of Your Move

From the Nation’s Top Long Distance Moving Company

The Colonial Cube

Book a Colonial Cube to make your long-distance move to Chicago more fun and flexible. On your own schedule, you can load your possessions into a cube that is: 

  • Safe and secure
  • Resistant to both impact and weather
  • Perfect for any length of storage time
  • Always stored the right way up to protect your things

Instead of packing it yourself, you could focus on other things while our expert, licensed movers efficiently pack it for you. We’ll make sure the maximum number of items get inside safely. 

Then, we’ll move your cube cross-country to Chicago. It can stay in a secure storage facility if needed, and we’ll move it to your new home as soon as you want.

Colonial Cube Hubs are Available Here:

We move Colonial Cubes between certain hub cities and drop them off within 250 miles. Hubs include: 


To save you time, here are answers to a few of our frequently asked questions.

1. What is Involved in the Colonial Cube Service?

The Colonial Cube service involves three steps: 

  • We’ll place a cube at your home.
  • You can move your things into it or let us do it. Then, lock your cube.
  • We move the cube to a safe storage location in Chicago or straight to your new home.

2. What Should I Do Next for My Cross-Country Move?

There’s a lot to plan and decide in a long-distance move to Chicago. To make it easier, get our convenient moving checklist. Go through our process, and you’ll make it.

3. How Long Does Moving to Chicago Take?

Once we have you scheduled, we’ll do everything possible to keep the schedule. We’re very experienced at being on time. But, keep in mind that we have many customers. Get your free quote as soon as possible so you can schedule the best date for your needs.

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