Corporate Relocation Tips & What to Negotiate During The Process

Each year, thousands of Americans move to take a new job. Corporate relocation has been climbing in recent years, and many people have chosen to forego their current cities for new ones filled with opportunity. What many of those people don’t know, however, is that they should view their move as a time to negotiate things like salary, moving expenses, and time off with their new employer. Our team has come up with some useful corporate relocation tips to help you along the way. If you’re facing a corporate relocation, don’t wrap it up without negotiating these things:

1. Your Salary

Moving for a job is a huge bargaining chip. Employers know that it’s important for them to hire the best people they can. They also know, however, that it takes a lot for people to give up their hometowns and lifestyles to join a company. As such, they’re often willing to offer higher salaries for individuals who are ready to move to join the team.

Before you start your corporate relocation, be sure to talk about salary with your employer. While the precise amount you should negotiate depends on your experience, location, and salary wishes, it’s wise to come up with a number that makes sense and work toward it. You’d be surprised by how willing your employer will likely be.

2. Moving Expenses

If it were not for your new job, you wouldn’t be incurring the moving expenses you are. As such, most employers are willing to cover new employees’ moving expenses to help facilitate the transition. If you haven’t already talked to your new company about this, now is the time to do it.

While some companies will give you a moving stipend, others are perfectly happy to reimburse you for moving expenses or provide a benefits package to cover them entirely. Be sure to consult with your new employer’s HR department about covering these costs.

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3. Time Frame

Moving takes time, and employers know that. As such, it’s important to have a frank conversation about when your new boss expects you to start and how much time you’ll have to settle into your new location. Whatever you do, don’t get yourself into a situation where you only have three days to move, get adjusted, and start work.

Instead, give yourself plenty of time to enjoy a leisurely move, wrap things up in your old city, and get started in your new position. While most employers offer a few weeks, some go as long as several months. The longer the better with something like this, as most people underestimate the amount of work associated with a corporate move.

4. Severance Pay

Have you and your new employer discussed severance pay? If you haven’t, now is the time to do it. While it may seem early to be making plans for things not to work out, it’s essential to ensure you’re covered if, for some reason, you are excused from your new job.

Unless your employer has already outlined a clear severance pay package, take this time to talk to the HR department about how severance pay works and what you could expect upon termination. This helps you cover your bases and rest assured knowing you’re taken care of even if the new position doesn’t go the way you had expected.

5. Benefits

Benefits are frequently some of the largest reasons people choose to move for their company. Before you move, be sure you understand the benefits package you’ll receive. Not only does this help you plan your moving budget, but it also helps you ensure your big move is one you really want to make for this company. If you have yet to talk about benefits, do it now. If the package isn’t what you had hoped, don’t be afraid to negotiate it accordingly. Here are some tips to help you.

Corporate Moving Made Smarter

While a corporate move is an exciting process, it can also be fraught with mistakes. To ensure it keeps moving along smoothly, be sure you negotiate these five things before you go. In addition to guaranteeing that your new position is one, you’ll be happy with and feel good about taking, negotiating these things also goes a long way toward allowing you to take control of your move.

If you need additional moving assistance, need a few more corporate relocation tips, or you’re concerned you’re missing steps, don’t hesitate to contact Colonial Van Lines. We offer high-quality corporate relocation services and are happy to provide you with the checklists, moving and packing services, storage, and transport offerings you need to enjoy a simple transition.

Although moving for work can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be all-consuming. Negotiating these five things before you cross state lines is an excellent way to control the controllable and ensure your move is simple from start to finish.

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