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Show Me, Missouri

Welcome to the region of the United States known as the “Show Me State”. Filled with plenty of historic sites for the family, it is a rich environment for exploring the past while being in the front seat to see what happens next. Choosing to do Missouri long distance moving can be challenging. But with the right company, the contents of your former house will arrive safe and sound.

Things To Do In Missouri

One thing that makes long road trips easier is access to good roads and attractions along the way. For example, Silver Dollar City, an 1880s theme park, is located just outside of Branson. To find some fun things to do while moving to Missouri, check out the list below.

Along Route 76

Check out the Branson Scenic Railway, which promises a 40-mile journey through beautiful countryside into the past. Take a stroll through Mark Twain’s Cave, located along US 11, near the author’s birthplace of Hannibal, Missouri.

The historic Route 66 is also alive and well throughout the great state of Missouri. And it is only fitting that it should also play host to another icon: the flagship of the Steak and Shake restaurant chain. This restaurant has been there since 1949, still serving the original menu that has stood the test of time.

Top Cities In Missouri

Cities listed in such public lists are generally ranked by several factors overall. Population growth, median income, unemployment and education quality are all taken into account when ranking cities within a state.

Richmond Heights

Richmond Heights is a bustling suburb of St. Louis, with a median income of $55,293. Its name came about in part from a comment from Robert E. Lee, who noted its resemblance to Richmond, Virginia. This suburb is also an industry leader in manufacturing, retail and technology, with an active restaurant and retail scene.


The City of Clayton is recognized for an outstanding quality of life that has become its trademark. It has managed to combine a busy and vibrant downtown with peaceful residential areas. This city is a western suburb of St. Louis and is also the county seat. In essence, Clayton was designed with a safe utopia of suburban living in mind. All residential areas are center most, with business, industry, entertainment and dining venues relegated to the outskirts. This creates a buffer zone that residents seem to appreciate.
Clayton is also home to several outstanding schools, including Washington University and Cordelia Seminary, and known for its metal fabrication and mobile home manufacture industries.


Also known as “The City Of Warmth,” Brentwood was founded in the year 1919. While it has a smaller population than some other cities in Missouri, Brentwood is known for its IT technology firms and as a bustling area with many events throughout the year.

Creve Coeur

Founded in 1949, Creve Coeur ranks 4th on the list of best places to live in Missouri. According to legend, an Indian maiden fell in love with a French fur trader, but he did not feel the same about her. As a result, she took her own life by leaping off a nearby cliff into a lake and drowned. That lake was then named Creve Coeur, or “broken heart” in French. Originally a farming community, Creve Coeur eventually became a vast industrial power in Missouri, thanks in part to its proximity to St. Louis and the advent of rail travel. Creve Coeur is an industry leader in agriculture, manufacturing and hospitality.


Chesterfield is the 14th largest city in the state, and the westernmost suburb of St. Louis. The surrounding valley where the city is located was once known as “gumbo flats” by early settlers because the rich soil, while great for growing all of the ingredients for that favorite dish, also became as thick as that stew when wet. Because of this, the valley is considered to be a floodplain, and construction there is done under different standards than other locations. The majority of the city lies on the bluffs surrounding the valley, with agriculture, transportation, and limited tourist venues located below. Chesterfield is also the home of the Spirit Of St. Louis, as well as the world’s largest outdoor mall in the country. Chesterfield is an industry leader in agriculture, retail, hospitality, financial services and technology.

Other Cities Served:

Missouri Statistics At A Glance

While the largest city in Missouri is Kansas City, its capital is Jefferson City. The Greater St. Louis area is the biggest metro region, and the state comes in at 18 overall for US population, with just over 6 million residents. The average household income is $59,196, and the population is diverse. Many famous figures hail from this state, including Walt Disney, Chuck Berry, former US President Harry Truman and author Mark Twain.

Things to Do After Moving to Missouri

There are a wide variety of things for the entire family to enjoy in Missouri, so read on for some highlights.

Nature is Calling

Nature lovers can visit Katy Trail State Park, home to the longest rail-trail in the US, or take in the views at the Lost Canyon Nature Trail and Cave. Flower enthusiasts will be thrilled by the colorful and historic Missouri Botanical Garden, which has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

The Famous Arch

No visit to Missouri is complete without a stop at the famous Gateway Arch. There’s a tram ride that takes you right to the top of the arch, a museum, a film played about its construction and even a themed cafe.

History Ahoy

Missouri is home to several interesting historical sites. If you loved “Little House on the Prairie,” take a ride to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum in Mansfield. Here, you can see the famous author’s home and actual items belonging to the famous book family on display. US history buffs must stop at the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site right in St. Louis, where you can tour the one-time home of Grant and his wife Julia.


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