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Delaware is one of the original 13 states to ratify the US Constitution. It is filled with history and has plenty of draws for those looking to move to a new area. Long distance moving can be a pain, but long-distance moving companies can help ease your burdens and do as much of the moving part of the process as you want.

Moving To Delaware

Moving to any different state can be intimidating, but Delaware has been a state for way longer than most. The state also has a reputation for being a trendsetter. By miles, it is the second smallest state, but it is called “The Small Wonder.” The state also has many other names, such as “The Diamond State”–Thomas Jefferson called it a “jewel” among states because of its good location on the Eastern Seaboard. Some call is the “Blue Hen State” because it has a unique breed of blue chickens, though they still lay normal eggs. 

Even though the state is small, it has nearly one million residents and ranks number six among states by population. The job market shows that there are many fast-growing jobs in the region, including home health aides, electricians, software developers and more, so there are plenty of opportunities for people with a variety of skills. The state also has a growing housing market despite its already large population. There’s currently a lot of construction going on and the pre-owned homes are plentiful as well. 

Delaware also has an eclectic population, with farmers, crabbers, beach enthusiasts, business people and more calling it home. You’ll find a melting pot of cultures blended together.

Top Cities in Delaware

Just because Delaware has a small amount of land mass compared to almost every other state doesn’t mean it doesn’t have great cities. These are some of the most populated cities in the state that have a number of features to enjoy. With plenty of beautiful natural spots and lots of history packed into a small amount of space, residents and visitors alike enjoy spending time in this small yet mighty state.


Wilmington is the largest and most populated city in the state of Delaware. It was originally a Swedish settlement and now has over 72,000 residents. It only has an area of 17 square miles, and plenty of water, at that, with several rivers nearby, including the Christina and Delaware Rivers. The topography in the area is rocky and hilly and has contrasting soil conditions that develop patterns within the industries in the region. Wilmington has a warm, temperate climate with hot, humid summers that include thunderstorms and cold winters with precipitation spread out throughout the year.


Dover has the second largest population and is the state’s capital. There are over 36,000 residents. The city gets its name from Dover, Kent in England and was founded as a court town in 1683 by William Penn, who did a lot of settling in the area. The city was officially laid out in 1717 and because of its central location, the state capital was moved there from New Castle in 1777. Many rallies were held in the city’s square, known as “The Green,” and the historic district is in the heart of the region. Summers are also hot here, with 23 days a year going over 90 degrees on average.


Newark is close to Wilmington and home to 31,000 residents. The University of Delaware is located here, and Scottish and Irish settlers came to the area in 1694 and made their mark. Schools are a big deal in the history of this area with grammar schools and more in the area. Newark is directly east or Maryland and only has 9.3 square miles of land. There are small hills in one part and flat land in another. Newark is halfway between Philadelphia and Baltimore and still has plenty of public parks and other natural areas.

Delaware Statistics

Delaware takes its name from Thomas West Baron De La Ware, an English nobleman who was the colonial governor in Virginia. It was initially colonized by Dutch traders and was one of the 13 colonies involved in the American Revolution. It became the first state to ratify the US Constitution and has since been known as “The First State.” Delaware only holds 96 miles in length and 35 miles across and is the second smallest state after Rhode Island. Many of Delaware’s cities that made the top safest cities list make the list repeatedly. Lewes, Ocean View, Milton and others remain on that list on a regular basis. Delaware is also home to an NBA G League team called the Delaware Blue Coats.

Things to Do in Delaware

Delaware is filled with historic sites, water parks, amusement venues, and much more. You can tour Fort Delaware State Park and see a rich history along with beautiful sites in the area. The Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village shows buildings with over 12,000 different artifacts from the past, including a cabin from the 1700s, a 1930 kitchen and more. 

Families often like to visit Funland, Jungle Jims, and Viking Amusement Park for a day break away from everyday life. And there are also lovely parks to visit, such as Glasgow Park, Cape Henlopen State Park, Battery Park, and Bellevue State Park, where nature is at the forefront. You can explore interesting facts at the Air Mobility Command Museum, the Delaware Art Museum and many others.

Visitors and residents alike enjoy shows at the Grand Opera House and the Clear Space Theater. Landmarks that are important to visit include the Indian River Marina and the Governor Ross Mansion as well as the Wooddale Covered Bridge. No matter what interests visitors or residents, there are plenty of things to see and do. While there may not be much land space, and there are plenty of people, no one has to be bored and there’s no shortage of information and historical sites to enjoy.

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