6 Ways to Fight Packing Procrastination

Packing Procrastination: What Are The Causes? How Do You Conquer Them?

Moving and packing can be really stressful and overwhelming. Due to the stress involved, all we want is to avoid it as much as possible. No wonder we usually find it easy to procrastinate when packing. While we are always here to provide the packing services you need, we understand some folks would rather pack themselves.

Packing procrastination can prevent the moving and packing process from being smooth and enjoyable. Whether you are reluctant to pack your items or you are not just ready to go through packing stress, allowing packing procrastination to get in your way is not a good idea. Here, we will be taking a look at some of the causes of packing procrastination and how to conquer them.

Causes of Packing Procrastination

Moving is quite an exciting experience. However, no one gets excited about the packing aspect. Thus, leading to packing procrastination. Some of the reasons why people procrastinate with de-cluttering and packing include:

Packing tips

It is Stressful and Time-Consuming

Packing activities such as putting together your items, arranging, boxing, labeling and so forth make the entire process stressful and time-consuming. Before you know it, you are tired and in need of a break. Once you take that break, you won’t be motivated to continue until some other time.

Lack of Motivation

Lack of proper motivation can also bring about packing procrastination. You may not be excited about the new place. Since you don’t want to move, you will find satisfaction in delaying your packing.

Too Difficult

Just like every difficult task, we tend to put packing off. Not having the right tools or a helping hand can also make packing quite difficult to do alone. At the end of the day, you will only have to postpone your packing until you get the right tools or someone to help.

6 Tips to Conquer Packing Procrastination

Leaving your packing until the very last minute may not be good enough. You will end up forgetting some important things. Also, you may not be able to arrange or label your items and belongings properly. Below are some tips to make the packing process more approachable and less dreaded. With this, you can conquer your packing procrastination issues.

Packing Procrastination#1.) Prepare Ahead of Time

An excellent way to overcome packing procrastination is by preparing ahead of time. Don’t wait until your moving week before you begin to packing. Instead, start packing from a month to your moving day. This will help avoid last minute rush and help you stay organized.

What’s more, if you are to move on Sunday, aim to finish your packing as early as Thursday. Moving has a lot of conditions attached to it. No one knows what will happen on the moving day or even a day before. However, if you finish packing two days earlier, you can set aside time to take care of anything that comes up. Believe me; something will always show up.

#2.) Make Early Reservations

Furthermore, making earlier reservations is also a good way to fight packing procrastination. If you are using a professional moving company, book your moving early. If you are also hiring a moving truck or trailer, it is also important to book early. By scheduling early, you will be setting things in moving. This will provide you with the needed momentum to start packing.

#3.) Prepare a Checklist

One of the things that make moving stressful is trying to do everything at together at once. Packing is best done in bits. Trying to pack your items the same day will only get you stressed out. Prepare a checklist of the items you need to pack. You can pack one room each week.

Packing steadily makes the whole packing process feel less stressful. You can break the packing into morning and evening sessions. On the first day, you can pack the clothes and shoes in the morning and the kitchen in the afternoon.

On another day, disassemble furniture in the morning and pack your bathroom and bedroom in the evening. The next time can be personal items in the morning, every other thing in the evening. Gradually, you will finish packing your items and belongings. If you can keep this steady, you will find yourself finishing your packing much earlier. With this, you will be able to create more time to handle other family obligations.

Packing Procrastination#4.) Have All the Right Tools and Packing Supplies

When you have the right packing tools, you can easily enter a packing mindset. You do not want to stop mid-way of your packing because you are out of tape, boxes, or other supplies. The thought of running to the local store to purchase your packing supplies can make packing procrastination set in. On the other hand, if you have all the packing supplies you need, you won’t need to stop mid-way.

In addition, get an extra set of tools and packing supplies. Even if things get misplaced, you will have backup options to use. Asides that, if you have many supplies, friends and family members that are helping with packing will have something to use. With this, packing can be completed within a short period.

#5.) Avoid Distractions

Nobody enjoys packing. Hence, you are easily distracted. Social media, Playstation, Netflix, ESPN, and so on can all derail your packing. Unless you control the urge to partake in these activities, you will end up spending more time playing games, watching movies, or chatting.

An awesome idea is to turn everything off or unplug for some hours. Dedicate this period completely to your packing. This way, you will focus more on packing and prevent packing procrastination. If you can finish early, you will have more time for these relaxation activities.

#6.) Reward Yourself

Why not download a new album, podcast or audio book to listen to as you pack? It will create some positive association with the process and give you new motivation to get started sooner. Another great idea is to reward yourself in stages. Perhaps the family can have a movie night after a dedicated weekend of packing, or go out for ice cream after you’ve successfully pack up 20 boxes. If you are a social media junkie, restrain yourself from checking those accounts until you’ve made headway in your office.

There you have it! Above are some of the causes of packing procrastination and how to conquer them. Packing takes a lot out of every individual. Nonetheless, packing is unavoidable when you need to relocate. By making use of the tips provided above, you can fight any packing procrastination. Also, with proper planning, preparation, and focus, the entire planning process will be easy, stress-free, and enjoyable.

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