Moving Hacks for Stress-Free Packing

If you’ve ever wondered and asked yourself why is moving so hard? You’re not alone. Between the packing, the transport, and the re-arrangement at your new home, there’s a lot to think about. But what if we told you that a few cheap moving hacks could make all the difference?

Hack 1: Use Clothing & Linens to Pack Breakables

Doubles your efforts in efficiency and save on purchasing packing material by using your casual clothing and linens to protect breakable items.

  • T-shirts and medium-sized towles are great for glassware and ceramics
  • Socks make convenient organizers for jewelry sets
  • Scarves are the perfect protectors for precious trinkets
  • Fluffy coats, large towels, and comforters can cushion electronics
Moving Hacks - Packing Tips - DIY Packing - DIY Move - Long Distance Moving

Hack 2: Use Packed-Lunch Supplies

A couple rolls of high-quality plastic wrap, paper bags, and Styrofoam plates are worth their weight in gold when it comes to moving hacks. Here’s how they can be used in the moving process to eliminate frustration, save money and increase efficiency.

Plastic Wrap:

  • Preventing Spills: Use a rubber band to secure some plastic wrap over the opening of liquids such as cleaners, detergents, and toiletries.
  • Keeping Utensils Organized: Keep your silverware right in the dividing tray. Secure them with many generous revolutions of plastic wrap and simplify your unpacking in the kitchen.
  • Keeping Bugs Out: For any boxes that you don’t want to be infiltrated by bugs, such as pantry items and bedding, add an extra layer of security with a couple revolutions around the box.
  • During Inclement Weather: Use the “bug method” for boxes that need extra protection during a rainy or snowy move.

Styrofoam Plates: Line a Styrofoam plate between dishes for protection. It’s faster than wrapping in paper or bubble wrap, and you can use those supplies elsewhere.

Plastic Plates: Transform plastic plates into sliders for heavy furniture.

Brown Paper Lunch Bags: Wrap glasses/mugs into a brown paper bag to safeguard them during the move. Stuff the extra length into the opening of the cup.

Hack 3: Use Suitcases to Move Heavy Items

Moving Hacks - Packing Tips - DIY Packing - DIY Move - Long Distance Moving

Suitcases are more durable than boxes, don’t cost you anything to use and the rolling wheels save your back from carrying the weighty load. Fill suitcases with small-but-heavy items like:

  • Books and Photo Albums
  • Electronics
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Small Shelves
  • Kitchen Gadgets
  • Briefcases, Safes or Tool Kits

Hack 4: Mattress Hacks

Your mattress is where you spend a third of your life, so it’s worth it to take some steps to protect it. Here’s what you can do.

Fitted Sheets: Wrap a fitted sheet around the top, and a second on the bottom of your mattress. That way, your mattress is totally protected from dirt, stains and more during transport.

Make a Mattress Sling: Mattresses have handles, but their intended for positioning the mattress on the box spring, not for carrying. Make a rope sling that threads through these handles.

  1. Use two 5-inch long, 1-inch-diameter pvc pipes
  2. Pull the rope through the pipe, loop back to rope and tie a knot, leaving a triangle shape on each end.
  3. Flip the mattress so the sling is on the bottom.

Transporting your mattress will be easier on your back. You won’t have to do the squeeze-carry or drop the mattress for a break half-way to the truck.

Colonial Van Lines always includes blanket pad wrapping of all standard furniture items to prevent dents, scratches, dings, and damages in our professional moves with no extra cost. High quality plastic mattress covers are also available for purchase upon request.

Hack 5: Keep Hardware & Wires Organized


Snack bags, tape, and a sharpie are your friends in organizing hardware. As you disassemble, collect all hardware and seal them in snack bags. Label and tape them to the underside of the furniture they belong to.


Use twist ties, or a panel of garbage ties to keep them neatly stored in transit. Bread bag tabs fit nicely on wires to label them.

Moving Hacks Pro-tip: Take photos for reassembling instructions.  A few snaps while disassembling will help you recall how to put electronics and furniture back together.

Hack 6: DIY Box Handles

Are your boxes missing handles? Carving out your own handles into boxes is simple and will make transporting them a cinch.

  1. Start about 3 inches from the top of your box
  2. Make an upside-down triangle shape using your box cutter
  3. The width should be about the same as your hand, 3-5 inches

Moving Hacks Pro Tip: Instead of punching the triangle out completely, keep one side attached to a door. You can push the opening back in place when done moving.

Hack 7: Using Masking Tape

Another great supply hack to stock up on is masking tape. Not only is it ideal for safeguarding glass, but it’s also useful for keeping drawers closed in addition.

For Glass: Place masking tape corner to corner and top to bottom, creating a star. It won’t prevent a break, but will minimize the mess and hazard of broken glass in the home or truck if the event of an accident.

For Drawers: Plastic drawer organizers and dresser drawers with light items in them can stay put. Skip steps and save some boxes. Just tape the drawers shut with masking tape and move on to the next task.

Pro-tip: Goo Gone adhesive remover can help you remove remnants of tape left over after removal.

Hack 8: Pack Some “Essentials” Boxes

Moving Hacks - Packing Tips - DIY Packing - DIY Move - Long Distance Moving

These boxes will contain everything you’ll need for your first 24 hours in your new home. Therefore, it’s smart to mark these boxes with bright duct tape, so they will stand out in your home.

The Java Box: Coffee pot, coffee, sugar, mugs

The Bathroom Box: Toilet paper, hand soap, shower curtain and full-sized towels, toiletries

The Kitchen Box: Hand towels, dish soap, paper towels, disposable plates, cutlery and cups

The Bedroom Box: Bedding, Pillows, Curtains and Thumb Tacks ( if you don’t have rods installed) Must-have’s from your nightstand

Contact a Professional Moving Team for More Moving Hacks

Looking for ways to save even more money on your big move? Why not hire a professional moving company? Not only will these experienced movers provide assistance with labor, but above all, they’ll have the cheap moving hacks you need to make your move as simple as possible. For more information, contact Colonial Van Lines today!

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