Best Rules to Live by On Moving Day

Picture, if you will, the following: A happy but exhausted family sprawled out on a couch in their new, sparsely furnished home wolfing down freshly delivered pizza. If it sounds like a happy ending to a long moving day, it is. However, for every happy ending, there’s a story, and that story usually has a lot of ups and downs. So, let’s hit the rewind button on this ending and see how this family made this moving day come to the happy conclusion that it did. Maybe, there will be a moral to it!

Moving Day Strategies

What did this family do that made their moving day go so smoothly? Let Colonial Van Lines show you what it takes to make a Moving Day that ends in celebration. 

Early Wake Up and Hearty Breakfast

You can bet this family is present and accounted for at the breakfast table in the early morning hours on moving day. And rest assured, there were no grapefruit halves on their plates. They were fueling up with a breakfast worthy of Dwayne Johnson on his lighter days.

Wearing the Right Clothes

Mom and Dad knew better than to show up for a move wearing their cargo shorts and loafers. They opted for long pants, sturdy shorts, heavy boots, shoes with laces, and long-sleeved shirts which would prepare them for the rough and tumble job ahead of them. 

Keep Moving Day Packing to A Minimum

Rewind further to a few weeks ago, and we’d find this family packing the vast majority of their belongings. But because they knew that on Moving Day, they would have to box up the essentials last minute, they’ve put empty boxes aside, just for that purpose. So, on Moving Day, they’ve made their job easy, breezy, and delightful.

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Set Personal Items Aside

Even though they hired the nation’s most trusted movers, the family members have a few items that they wanted to handle themselves. So, they set aside their precious belongings in a small room. They make sure to show us where they were before we got to work so we wouldn’t load them accidentally.

Keep the Kids at Pets in a Safe Place

Look closely at the action scene and you’ll notice the kids and pets are suspiciously absent. That’s because mom and dad had the forethought to designate a safe room in the house where they could eat, play, nap, and relax out of harm’s way. 

Have Cash at Hand

Zero in and you’ll see that dad’s wallet is bulging. That’s the fat wad of cash he took out from the ATM yesterday, so he could give the movers a tip, pay for that takeout pizza, and stock up on cold brew coffee. Good thinking, dad!

Do A Thorough Walk-Through

Even a family as well careful as this one knows that there is always a chance that overlooked items are lurking in recesses of their semi-empty home. Before they clean, they do a quick check of cabinets, closets, and drawers, as well as little-used areas such as garages, attics, and crawlspaces.

Keep Cleaning Supplies at the Ready

Come midday, the family is packed and ready to go. Unfortunately, the floors are not exactly fit for eating off of. Luckily, the family has set aside a few cleaning supplies (feather dusters, rags, a broom, and cleaning detergent should suffice). As the family leaves, the camera closes in on gleaming floors and spotless baseboards. 

Hiring Colonial Van Lines for A Happy Moving Day Ending

Another thing this family did to guarantee a happy ending to this story was to hire Colonial Van Lines. As it turns out, weeks before the move, they read our reviews and found out about how we assist our customers with every aspect of the moving process. They also found out about our free no-obligation rate quotes, and when they found out how affordable our services were, they called us immediately to book time far enough in advance so they would have everything set to go on moving day.

But that’s not all. After they hired us, we customized a plan tailored to their specific needs and budget. We even set them up with a personal moving assistant to keep track of every detail of their move and provide them with constantly updated information.

When we let our moving experts know about the job, they got to work tailoring a long-distance moving plan to easily transport the family’s goods from point A to point B, saving them effort, money, and time.

And it doesn’t stop there. We also provide flexible packing services, storage services, and corporate relocation. You let us know what your move requires, and we’ll come up with a plan that works with your timeline, your budget, and your schedule.

As for this story, it ends where it began – with pizza, a new home, and a sense of accomplishment. If you’re making plans for Moving Day, get in touch with us and request our free rate quote. We’re at the start of your happy ending.

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