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How Much Does it Cost to Furnish Your Apartment?

Colonial Van Lines is always on the hunt for helpful content to assist you with all things moving. With over fifty years of experience, we have the insights you are looking for when it comes to settling into your first place. This includes the budgeting and interior design wisdom you need to purchase your first furnishings.

What are the costs of furnishing your apartment? Altogether, the average person can spend an average of $7,700. Here is a list of averages for big-ticket items.

What's the Average Cost of Furnishing you Apartment

Furnishing Your Apartment on a Budget

You might not be looking to furnish your apartment all in one shot. In fact, you might not even be able to furnish even one room adequately at a time. This life transition comes with its fair share of sacrifices. However, we promise you’ll look back later in life and laugh at the resourceful ways you lived for the first few months in your new place.

Before you begin paying the full retail price to furnish your home, you should start seeing what items you might be able to find at a discount.

Be sure to check…

  • with friends and family who may have something to give away
  • second-hand, consignment stores and thrift shops
  • Craigslist, Let-Go, Offer-up and Facebook yard sale groups
  • for liquidation stores and furniture places offering holiday discounts

There will always be some items that you’ll prefer new when furnishing your apartment. However, keep in mind that all your purchases will add up, so scoring a set of lamps and side tables from a downsizing couple is a smart buy. They’ll free up more of your budget where it counts, and we’ll get into that next.

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Your First Big Purchase: Your Bed

Though your apartment will initially start out pretty sparse, one of the things that you must have first is a bed. Your mattress is a big ticket item that is worth a quality investment. You spend a third of your life on your bed. Furthermore, the quality of your sleep determines your overall health and well-being.

The average cost for types of mattresses:

  • Spring: $900
  • Memory Foam: $1300
  • Hybrid: $2050

You may want to look into financing for this type of investment considering its impact on your health. In addition to the mattress, you will need a frame and box spring to support your mattress properly. Whereas, the head board and matching furniture sets can come later.

Money-Saving Tip: Look for a bedding set that comes with at least a comforter, fitted and flat sheets. You can always use that 40% off one-item coupon at the home goods stores.

Your Second Big Purchase: Your Couch

Sure you can hang out on your mattress for a few nights eating takeout, but eventually, you’ll want a sitting area to wind down. The bare bones for furnishing your apartment living room is one sitting-piece. Depending on your square-footage, you may only have room for a sofa. Although there may be room for a love seat and/or lounge chair as well. While shopping, consider purchasing the sofa first, with the intent of filling out the room with matching pieces when the budget allows.

The average cost for seating-pieces may run you:

  • Sofa: $1000
  • Love Seat: $650
  • Lounge Chair: $450
  • Sectional: $2,200

If you can score a quality sleeper sofa, this will come in handy when a friend crashes at your place or if your bed won’t be delivered for a while. However, sleeper sofas are not very supportive and are not recommended for long-term use.

If you are really in a pinch for additional seating. There are some inexpensive, semi-permanent floor furniture options:

See if any of these options work for your space and lifestyle. Once your serious furniture is in, use them in your office, patio or bedroom areas.

Money-saving tip: any comfy couch in good condition can be reupholstered to your style for $50 – $400.

Your Third Big Purchase: Cookware and Appliances

Eating out for every meal is not cost-effective for a person or couples on a tight budget. Assuming your kitchen is equipped with the standard necessities: microwave, dishwasher…etc, the next big ticket items for furnishing your apartment is your cookware and kitchen gadgets.

You’ll want to find a set of cookware that includes: frying pans, pots with lids, baking sheets, and some basic utensils. These sets are around $200 on average.

You’ll also want to budget for a good set of knives down the road. For the immediate future, one serrated, and one flat all-purpose chef knife will do the trick.

When it comes to determining which appliances you’ll need, you have to take your lifestyle into consideration.

  • Early Risers: A blender is a fast way to make a healthy breakfast on-the-go.
  • Errands after work:A crockpot is essential for a low, slow and effortless dinner prep.
  • Java Lover: A coffee pot, Keurig or Ninja Coffee Bar will still save you vs. coffee shops.
  • No chef skills: A toaster oven bakes snacks and frozen foods, reheats leftovers and toasts bread.

Money-saving tip: open a credit card with the store where you plan on buying these items. There is usually a store wide discount that could save you hundreds on this initial purchase. Make sure you’ve got the cash to pay off the whole receipt in full so you don’t incur interest and cut it up if needed.

Furnishing Your Apartment One Step at a Time

The cost of furnishing your apartment is a pretty hefty number when you add it up. Luckily, these purchases can be made a little at a time as you settle into your new space. When you start out with some of the savvy tips we’ve provided, you’ll be amazed at how the savings can add up too.

At Colonial Van Lines, we are always eager to set you up for success for any transition you may have in life. Moving into your own place is a big one. The best part is, you don’t have to do it alone. Call us for a quote today and let us get you moved into your new place easily.

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