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Culture Shock Moving To Dallas

Dallas has a reputation. Even if you’ve never set foot in the state of Texas before, odds are good you’ve heard of Dallas and its reputation for being grand, a large and diverse metropolis that somehow blends the rustic Texas cowboy culture to the streamlined 21st century business and artistic culture. Every major American city
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Long Distance Moving to Phoenix

If you happen to think of the state of Arizona as nothing but desert, moving to Phoenix will quickly relieve you of such ideas. The urban area does a splendid job of showcasing the very best the state of Arizona has to offer; it’s a gleaming city, but there’s no doubt it’s set in the
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Long Distance Moving To Wisconsin

Wisconsin, a state that should have the motto:  “What? We Really Like Cheese.” Actually, the motto is “Forward,” which works as both the direction towards the future, which is inspirational, and something to yell at the car in front of you that doesn’t move when the light turns green, which is practical. It’s also serves
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Long Distance Moving to Mississippi

Mississippi, a state that should have the motto: “You get brownie points for writing ‘Mississippi’ without spellcheck.” The actual motto is “Virtute et armis,” which means “By valor and arms” and sounds more impressive; when it comes to mottos, desserts can’t compete with weapons. Known for its agriculture background and rich history, the geography of
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