Moving to Killeen, TX

Moving to Killeen, TX
June 13, 2020

It’s where men and women come to proudly serve their country. It’s where Leadership is spelled LDRSHP for loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. It’s where soldiers become leaders and leaders become heroes. And it’s also a darn good place for a vacay! Whether you’re thinking of moving to Killeen, Texas, or just stopping in for a visit, the legendary Fort Hood military base is just one of the attractions.  Here are the top ten things to do in the town where freedom grows, and barbecue is always on the menu.

Top Ten Things to Do In Killeen, Texas

More than a stopover between Austin and Dallas, Killeen is full of its own brand of small city Texas charm.

  1. Bell County Museum

 Dedicated to preserving the history of Texas, the Bell County Museum features over 12,000 historic and prehistoric items from the roots of Central Texas. Get an inside view of a real log cabin and get a blast from the Bell County past at the Passport Through Time exhibits.  

  • Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area

When the troops need a little R and R, take them over to the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation area!  Otherwise known as Blora, this 89-acre outdoor space is the summertime go-to for Texan style sun and fun. Sierra Beach features water slides, picnic areas, and playground equipment. The recreation area boasts biking trails, paintball facilities, cottage rentals, and more.

  • Carl Levin Park

Whether it’s shooting the breeze, or simply enjoying it, Carl Levin Park is the 35-acre community park and recreational area where locals come to meet, greet, eat and take a load off their feet. With fishing ponds, grills, picnic tables, and plenty of space for outdoor play, along with pavilions available parties, concerts and gatherings, the Carl Levin Park is one of the things to do in Killeen, Texas that just comes naturally.

  • Mayborn Science Theater

They say everything is big in Texas, and the Mayborn Science Center does not disappoint!  With the capacity to display the entire universe, this 180-foot theater projects images onto a 60-foot domed screen that gives Star Trek a run for the money. Films and laser shows feature topics such as historic inventions, dinosaurs, and more. Be sure to check out the theater hurricane simulator and retro gaming room in the exhibit room after the film.

  • Pfeiffer’s German Bakery

If your idea of German baking is a chocolate cake with coconuts, Pfeiffer’s is a sweet eye-opener. Since 2002, Pfeiffer’s Bakery has been serving up such authentic German treats as kuchen, puff pastry, cookies, hefekasten, rolls, and bread. And if you prefer the meats to the sweets, there’s bologna, bierschinken, bierwurst and blutwurst and more. Be sure to say “Guten Tag” to the employees if you Sprechen sie Deutsch.

  • Rock and Roll Ice Cream Parlor

When you’re looking for Hendrix with a little hot fudge, one of the best things to do in Killeen is to head over to the Rock n Roll Ice Cream Parlor! Featuring good old-fashioned treats such as cones, banana splits, and hot fudge sundaes (topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, and the cherry on top), the Rock N Roll Ice Cream parlor is a rock and roll fantasy come true.

  • Boulders Sport Climbing Center

How can something so badass be so good for you? Find out at Boulder’s Climbing Center. With 40 foot climbing walls, a free-standing boulder, and 30 foot repel tower, the Boulders Sport Climbing Center is the thing to do in Killeen, Texas for exercise on rocks.

  • Stillhouse Hollow Lake

On the surface, Stillhouse Hollow Lake is a 64-acre reservoir managed by the US Army Corp of Engineers serving as flood control and water supply for the surrounding community. Under the surface, there are loads of catfish, crappie, small and largemouth bass, and sunfish looking for anything that resembles food. Bait your hook and cast your line at Stillhouse Hollow Lake. It’s where great Texas catfish comes from.

  • Bite the Bagel Deli Café

New Yorkers moving to Killeen, Texas don’t have to worry about finding a good bagel! The Bite the Bagel Deli Café in Killeen features New York-style bagels with a variety of toppings and flavors. Whether its lox with a schmear or a Ruben classic, Bite the Bagel is the place to go for a “well- rounded” meal.

  1. Vive Les Artes Theatre

Trade your combat boots for heels and dress shoes and come and get ready to put the arty into the army! The Vive Les Arts Society is a nonprofit organization bringing art and culture to the citizens of Killeen. The 400 hundred seat theater hosts plays, musicals, and concerts year-round as well as children’s theater camp in August. The building also holds the Meadow’s Gallery featuring artwork by local artists.

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