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Moving to San Diego California?

Moving to San Diego California?
July 13, 2020

The San Diego area is famous for so many positive things – the livable climate is just one among many impressive factors while it is so loved. The area is field with happy residents so you can expect to be happy if you plan on moving to San Diego.

The San Diego area is well-known for its lush beaches, amazing food, and locals who are willing to welcome visitors and new residents to the brighter side of life. Though living in the city is not cheap, there are places around the area where you can find affordable accommodation. If you are seriously considering moving to San Diego, you will find this little piece important for so many reasons.

Why Move to San Diego? One Word: Atmosphere

The Southern California lifestyle is what you should expect in the San Diego area. The main city and the places around it like La Mesa and Chula Vista are lively all year round. Thanks to the fact that the sun is shining almost all-year round, the city is selected as one of the top ten best weather cities by Farmer’s Almanac.

What’s more, San Diego is regarded as a playground because of the incredibly lively atmosphere. You will enjoy the city better if you have a good job or you are independently wealthy. The area is also very cool and if you want a place with very low crime rate, you can consider moving to Santee.  The atmosphere in San Diego is one of the reasons you can consider moving to San Diego.

San Diego’s Pricey Housing Market

While housing cannot be considered cheap in San Diego, the housing market is relatively stable in the area. There are lots of lovely neighborhoods in the city but prices can be too high for the average individual. The median house price in San Diego is $463,300, while the median rent for one bedroom apartment is $1377. The Median salary is $66,116. Your financial situation should inform your decision about housing options and it is better you do it earlier for efficient planning. The overall cost of living is relatively high here.

The School System in San Diego are Top Notch

If you plan to raise a family in the San Diego area, you will definitely be curious about the school system. There are several school districts within the border; you have options for local neighborhood schools, application school choice programs, private schools, and homeschooling. There are also top quality high schools all around San Diego.

In terms of universities and colleges, there are several institutions in the area including the University of California at San Diego, the University of San Diego, and the San Diego City College. If you are considering moving to San Diego, these are some of the institutions you or your kids can attend.

Things to do in San Diego… Get Ready!

Asides from the wonderful climate, San Diego is naturally blessed in many ways. With about 17 miles of coastline and nine permanent lifeguard stations, you should have an idea of where all roads lead to in the area. The beaches are great in so many ways and support a myriad of water sports. Some of the most popular beaches include Mission Beach, Blacks Beach, and Ocean Beach.

The San Diego area also has a lot to offer to residents that love the wild. The San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park is a highly recognized animal care center. There are hundreds of different animal species housed in this zoo and you can take your children there for exciting and educative time. From lions to tigers and bears, you will see so many animals here including the most adorable pandas in the world. The Birch Aquarium or SeaWorld San Diego is another great place to see. There are great parks and walking trails to enjoy, too.

Asides from the natural things, there are a number of other interesting things in San Diego and surrounding places like Coronado. As far as dining goes, there are few places you can compare to this area in the whole of California. You can enjoy authentic Mexican food here without crossing the border for it. The San Diego comic-con is the world’s largest entertainment and comic book convention and holds every July. With lots of things to do in the area, moving to San Diego will definitely be worth it!

Moving to San Diego for the Nightlife?

While there are millions of things you can do during the day, there are millions more you can do at night. Nightlife in the San Diego area is as trendy as you can expect in most Californian cities. The Gaslamp quarter is where you can experience the best nightlife the city has to offer. Even in places like El Cajon, you will find great places to enjoy the night with the right drink in the midst of the right people. The nightlife makes moving to San Diego something you can always look forward to.


San Diego is honestly a large city. The best way to get around is to drive yourself, and most residents drive. If this is not possible for you, the transportation system is effective enough. To travel from North County to Downtown San Diego, many residents use the commuter train called Coaster. There is equally a city-wide bus system in San Diego.

The San Diego area is a great place to live for so many reasons. From the wonderful weather condition to the several paces of attraction, there are just so many positive things about the area. It is a great place for all kinds of people including young families.

Let Colonial Get You Moving to San Diego

The only thing standing in your way is hiring a courteous, professional, experienced mover like us. Call us for a free quote and take the pain, labor and guess work out of your move so you can enjoy your news sunny life in San Diego like you always wanted and totally deserve. We are flexible with your budget and can help you save time and energy in the process. Who knows? Maybe you can even take up surfing with all that extra energy!


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