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How to Move a Motorcycle Across the Country

How to Move a Motorcycle Across the Country
June 18, 2021

Moving is never a fun experience. A lot of us have large “toys” that we need to move with us, and moving them is not as easy as placing them in the trunk of a car. 

This includes moving a motorcycle. While you may be thinking it’d be most fun just to drive anyway, that’s not always feasible. You probably have a car, truck, or other vehicle that you need to drive, and it doesn’t make sense to come back just to drive your motorcycle to your destination. Or maybe the motorcycle doesn’t even run.

When it comes to moving a motorcycle across the country, you have several options. Read on to learn about how to move your motorcycle safely and efficiently.

Hauling a Motorcycle in a Pickup Truck

This is how many people haul motorcycles. However, the process involves loading and securing the motorcycle, and this does not always go smoothly. Motorcycles can weigh hundreds of pounds, so loading it yourself might not be as easy as you anticipated. 

Moving a motorcycle in a pickup truck involves finding a friend or two to help. You’ll need to load it by either lifting it up or using a ramp. When using a ramp, put your motorcycle in neutral. Once the motorcycle is in the pickup, you’ll then need to use ropes and bungee cords to secure it. Before you take off, put the motorcycle in first gear. 

While this may seem easy enough, you and your friends are likely not motorcycle transport experts. One wrong move can damage your bike. It’s possible that your motorcycle could slide or even fall over during the move. If you’re hauling other items with your motorcycle, those items could get damaged as well. 

Hauling a Motorcycle in a Moving Truck or on a Trailer

Since moving trucks and trailers often have ramps, loading and unloading your motorcycle will be a lot easier. The hard part will be keeping the bike secure while moving your motorcycle across the country. Again, one wrong move could damage your motorcycle. Additionally, keeping your motorcycle out in the open during a long move makes it susceptible to damage from rain, snow, wind, and other elements. 

Using a Common Carrier

It’s fine to use UPS or FedEx for normal, everyday packages, but it’s not the safest option for moving a motorcycle across the country. These employees are not trained in the proper handling of motorcycles. They often use forklifts to haul packages, and the forks can damage your motorcycle. 

Plus, the loaders and drivers are not always as careful as they could be. They may drop or be careless with packages, causing your motorcycle to break. Avoid this option and choose a professional motorcycle shipping company instead. 

Using a Motorcycle Shipping Company

Using a motorcycle shipping company for moving a motorcycle might be the most expensive option, but it’s well worth the cost, considering the peace of mind you get in return. Motorcycle shipping companies are experts at moving vehicles and will ensure your motorcycle gets to its destination safe and sound. 

When using a motorcycle shipping company, follow these tips:

  1. Consider how you want your motorcycle shipped: in an open or enclosed trailer. It is recommended to use an enclosed trailer, since it is safer. However, it is more expensive. 
  2. Choose several companies and get quotes.
  3. Sign a contract and schedule motorcycle pickup.
  4. Make sure the company can access your motorcycle when it’s time to pick it up.
  5. The driver will load and transport your motorcycle.
  6. You’ll be notified of when your motorcycle is expected to arrive.
  7. Your motorcycle will be safely delivered on arrival day.

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You may be stressed out about your cross-country trip, especially if you’re concerned about hauling your motorcycle safely. If you need help moving a motorcycle, contact Colonial Van Lines. We offer vehicle transportation and other moving services to help you get all your belongings to your destination. Contact us today to get a quote.