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Items That Need Climate Control While Moving

Items That Need Climate Control While Moving
April 8, 2022

Have you thought about using a climate control unit while moving? If you have any wood, metal, leather, or wicker items, you should strongly consider getting a climate-controlled unit for your move. These items can crack, split, contract, and expand in various temperature conditions. 

If you have a long move across the country, it’s vital to protect your special items and adapt to possible adverse weather conditions. While some materials are more durable than others, extreme heat, cold, or humid environments can cause massive damage to them. A wicker chair or a leather couch may do just fine when in your home. However, sneaky problems could arise when exposed to changing weather conditions, such as mold and rust.

Items That Need Climate Control While Moving

What to Consider When Moving with Climate Control

You may need a climate-controlled move if your item: 

  • Is susceptible to mold or mildew.
  • Needs to be at a certain temperature most of the time.
  • Might expand or contract in extreme temperatures.
  • Is rare or collectible.

Here are 12 items that will benefit from climate-controlled storage during a move: 

  1. Clothing: Certain types of clothing like leather, fur, or lace are delicate and should be kept in a temperature-controlled space.
  1. Furniture: Depending on the makeup, furniture may be more resilient to heat or moisture than other types of items. However, wicker, wood, leather, or metal furniture is better protected when stored at a temperature that keeps out heat and discourages moisture. 
  1. Electronics: Rust, cracks, and system malfunctions are some of the issues you could experience with your electronics if they’re not kept in a climate-controlled space during your move. These delicate devices are sensitive and require protection, particularly from damp and warm conditions.
  1. Art: Artwork can be susceptible to mold and cracks. A high-value item should be protected with the utmost care to avoid moisture that can cause severe damage. 
  1. Photographs: High temperatures and moisture are a no-go for your valuable photos. When moving, using a climate-controlled unit can preserve these visual memories for your family to enjoy years down the road.
  1. Important Documents: Moisture damage can be a major problem for paper, parchment, and other materials used for important documents. A temperature-controlled unit can stop the destruction of paper documents you may need in the future.
  1. Antiques: Many antiques are not made to withstand the elements. Trinkets and collectibles must be kept in a temperature-controlled environment.
  1. Musical Instruments: Instruments made of metal and wood can rust, expand, and become irreversibly damaged. Keep stringed instruments out of the extreme cold and brass instruments out of moisture with the perfect temperature balance in a climate-controlled unit.
  1. Media (Videos, DVDs, Vinyl Records, etc.): Water, moisture, and heat expand and contract vinyl records, DVDs, or videotapes. Safeguard your media by keeping them away from heat and moisture.
  1. Collectibles: Items that you want to keep forever, like porcelain dolls, stamps, or airplane collections, could use the support of a climate-controlled unit during your big move.
  1. Wine: If your wine collection is kept in a cellar or usually chilled, you’ll want to get a temperate-controlled moving unit. Keep your vintage wines from spoiling and let them age gracefully.
  1. Medications and medical supplies: Medical equipment, medication, and other medical supplies are expensive and life-saving. Whether it’s an oxygen tank or a CPAP machine to help you breathe at night, they must be properly stored away from extreme temperatures that could ruin their ability to function properly.

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