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Long Distance Moving to Florida: Hello Sunshine!

Long Distance Moving to Florida: Hello Sunshine!
June 4, 2019

Moving to Florida: FLORIDA LIVING

Florida’s population has been steadily growing at high rates for years, mostly because the weather rocks and the booze tends to be inexpensive, but also because of Florida’s many side benefits like multiple beaches, oranges and citrus available almost on demand, and no state tax. As a result, the more populated areas of the state tend to be constantly building and remodeling dwelling units, be they houses, apartments, or condos, to accommodate the growing population. Likewise, the more rural parts attract residents more interested in living closer to nature and further away from the urban/suburban areas.

That ongoing growth might be a challenge for anyone moving to Florida. While the state does still make use of trains for in-state transportation, odds will be good that any Florida resident will have need of their own vehicle at some point. And because cars will be so plentiful, that can lead to congestion problems on and off the major freeways.

Traffic aside, even people living in the urban/suburban areas will get to enjoy the beauty of Florida wildlife. Between the numerous bodies of water and the vegetation, anyone moving to Florida won’t have to look hard or even very far to enjoy the state’s beauty.

And on some occasions, the wildlife may come looking for you. It’s not unheard of to step outside your front door on a Tuesday and be greeted by animals such as possums, turtles, and herons. Also, by “greeted by,” we also mean “staring at you expectantly for food.” Don’t make eye contact; that’s how they trick you into feeding them.

Moving to Florida: WORKING

The tourist industry plays a big role in the state’s economy, even when the attractions aren’t owned by Disney (yet). Restaurants, attractions, shops, and hotels have the biggest imprint on the state, be it in the party zones in Miami or the political headquarters of Tallahassee. But the health industry also plays a major role in the state’s economy, mostly because of the number of seniors and retirees living here.

Something else that plays an occasionally big role in the working lives of Floridians? Storm preparations. Between the numerous rain storms and the occasional hurricanes, anything involving storm safety can play a big role in the state’s economy.

Though it’s probably safe to say one of the products unofficially stabilizing the economy would be sunscreen, and that’s because of the…

Moving to Florida: WEATHER

When moving to Florida, be prepared for sunshine. Lots of it. Like “put on the SPF 50 when you’re taking the garbage out” sunshine. Florida is the Sunshine State, after all, so plan on adapting a wardrobe that involves hats, comfortable clothing, and sandals. Don’t throw away the jeans and jackets, though; winter seasons tend to feel like fall compared to other parts of the country, but it can get chilly.

Also, keep an umbrella within reach at all times, because the rains will be constant from May through October. Don’t put the umbrella away in November, though; sometimes Mother Nature likes to sneak in a cold December rain just to remind all those snowbirds what they’re missing up north.

The cool, dry, breezy days tend to show up from February through April, which also coincides with the marked uptick in outdoor festivals. While there’s almost always something to do in the more heavily-populated portions of the state, the springtime encourages residents to get outside and enjoy the nice weather before summer arrives and everyone hides inside under the protection of the air conditioner.

Coincidentally, the fear of the AC going out will probably be your biggest summertime worry. That or having to change a flat tire by the highway in August. Or both.

Moving to Florida: THINGS TO DO

Anyone moving to Florida and looking for something to do needs to look past the obvious offerings of theme parks and beaches. Despite the commercial buildup, Florida manages to retain its rural roots and love of nature.

In other words, the great outdoors can be your best friend here.

The Everglades. The aquifers. The swamps. The forests. The beaches. The rivers. Heck, even the ponds. Florida has some of the best outdoor offerings in the country, all of which encourage activities like hiking, biking, canoeing, running, and occasionally zip lining. The increased popularity of mud runs and 5k obstacle courses can also be found here, but with Florida twists like running through swamps.

But if you still want to visit a park, Florida also has some offbeat offerings. Never mind Disney; there’s a park dedicated to mermaid shows at Weeki Wachee, Spook Hill in Lake Wales, the Coral Castle in Homestead, or the Ringling Museum in Sarasota.

Moving to Florida: CULTURE

First of all, come to grips with the fact that not everybody that lives in Florida engages in the type of shenanigans displayed in any of the numerous “Florida Man” news stories (actual example: Florida Man charged with assault with a deadly weapon after throwing an alligator through a drive-through window. We’re not kidding. That actually happened). We’re pretty sure similar events occur in other states (looking at you, Utah), and we’ll gladly point them out if/when they occur.

Like most states, the culture of Florida runs the relaxed and laidback (Beaches! Golf! Craft Beer!) to the tense and stressful (Election Issues! Hurricanes! Traffic!). Unlike most states, Florida enjoys a unique diversity, the result of having residents from multiple immigrant populations living in working in the area. The stereotype of Florida being stocked to the edges with retirees doesn’t ring completely true; European and Latin American culture has seeped into the very sand grains of the state, the results of which can be seen everywhere from the architecture to the ingredients of a Cuban sandwich.

The melting pot hasn’t obliterated one culture in favor of another, but tribalism will be on display during college football season, and no one will escape it.

Awesome weather, diverse culture, Mother Nature’s playground, theme parks… we could go on and on, but really, the best way to enjoy Florida’s culture would be to go there.

Not only is Colonial Van Lines an experienced moving company with 50 years in the business, but our headquarters is based in Florida. That’s just one of many reasons why you should trust us with your upcoming move to Florida. Give us a call for a free quote and start your journey to the sunshine state.