Moving to New Jersey

Moving to New Jersey
July 15, 2019

Congratulations on your long distance move to New Jersey. It won’t be long before you are settling into your new life with tons of exciting places to live, dine, play and explore. While you may have questions about executing a long distance move, at least this article will help you get to know Jersey.

Despite living next door to New York and Philadelphia, New Jersey has a surprising popularity, reflected in the fact that the Garden State is the most densely populated state in the union. The first baseball game was played here, along with the first intercollegiate football game, the first seaside resort (Cape May again!), and has been called the Diner Capital of the World, mostly because they’re everywhere here.

But New Jersey also offers some of the best pizza (ignore whatever New York may claim) and small towns (there’s more to life here than the Shore, just saying) in the country, not to mention hundreds of wineries and craft breweries. Ever wondered why New Jersey gets called the Garden State? Look no further than the numerous roadside farm stands.

Living in New Jersey means coming to appreciate the state’s excellent collection of small towns, roadside farm stands, culinary offerings (hello, bagels and pizza!), and amusement parks while also accepting certain realities like toll booths and the never-ending back and forth between the Garden State and its two famous neighbors, Philadelphia and New York. New York gets all the attention, and Philadelphia looks like Gotham City when viewed from the Walt Whitman Bridge.

Intercity comparisons aside, New Jersey offers some of the best beaches on the East Coast (Cape May!), a host of family-friendly amusement parks (Six Flags!), and more than a few diversions for adults (Atlantic City!).

Johnson and Johnson, Honeywell International, and Bed Bath and Beyond all have their headquarters set in New Jersey, not surprising for an economy that boasts a large number of retail workers.

Thanks to being the fourth-most diverse state in the country, the Garden State features a wide mix of food offerings, the restaurant and food service industries make up a large portion of the state’s employment. With the middle class making between $60,000 and $177,000 annually, New Jersey can arguably offer more living space for your money than New York.

Keeping in mind that New Jersey has the Delaware River on its left and the Atlantic Ocean to its right, the state boasts a generally moderate climate. And by moderate, we mean the temperature tends to top out around the high 80s at the hottest point of summer.

In other words, invest in a jacket. And an ice scrapper for the car windows. And a shovel. Probably at least one fuzzy hat, too. Don’t forget a heating unit. And thick socks… you know what, it gets cold. Plan accordingly.

Still, if brisk weather sounds like fun, New Jersey can be amazing, especially during the spring and fall months when Mother Nature puts on a gorgeous display in the Garden State.

Like to be outdoors? You’re in luck, even in someplace as famed for its winters as New Jersey.

Start with the beaches. Don’t go to a beach expecting a “one size fits all” approach to the New Jersey beaches. They’re not all like the Jersey Shore, so it may take some time to find the beach that fits your specific idea of a good beach experience. Think of it like beach sampling: try Long Beach Island before scooting over to Wildwood. Try Ocean City before Island Beach State Park. And you’re not required to settle on one beach, either, so go have fun wherever you want.

Beach not your thing? There’s a ton of amusement parks. And we don’t mean the expensive and high-end parks like the ones in Florida and California. New Jersey’s appeal extends to the state’s celebration of classic amusement activities like boardwalks and parks, the kind of places that once featured heavily in old movies and seem to be disappearing in other parts of the country. New Jersey offers places like The Land of Make Believe, Wild West City, and Storybook Land among others.

Amusement parks not sounding so amusing? There museums, farms, antique car shows, and every other kind of amusement one can desire. And if none of this sounds like your cup of tea, try just going outside. A place this lovely deserves to be seen, especially with a climate that practically screams “get outdoors before the snow arrives!”

Let’s just state the obvious: there is so much more to New Jersey than toll booths, hockey, and an almost religious devotion to diners (seriously, they’re everywhere!). But there will be some basic truths you’ll have to embrace as a new resident of the Garden State.

First of all, Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi really are popular around here. Maybe not as popular as, say, Elvis Presley and Tupelo or Dolly Parton and Gatlinburg, but you won’t be able to avoid talk of the Boss or Bon Jovi for long. Second of all, sports does play a big role in New Jersey culture, specifically in relation to the teams from New York and Philadelphia (both of which SUCK, as New Jersey natives will likely inform you). But some confusion will arise from this truth, specifically that South Jersey natives tend to root for Philadelphia teams. Maybe its proximity, or maybe its base treachery; it’s anyone’s guess.

Thirdly, like the American Civil War, there will only be two regions in New Jersey: North Jersey and South Jersey. There is no Central Jersey, even though maps will confirm the state does in fact have people in the middle area. You may even occasionally hear people from those areas, not unlike the way Horton the elephant heard a Who. And if you’re living in North or South Jersey, odds will be good someone will tell you to ignore it.

Could it be that you’re having trouble figuring out the best way to get all your things safely to your new home in New Jersey? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got the experience and the expertise to make sure your moving experience will be solid, straight forward, and above all, stress free. Call a Colonial Van Lines professional and find out how easy a move to New Jersey can be.