Moving to North Carolina

Moving to North Carolina
July 13, 2019

We hope you are as fired up as we are that you’ve been given the opportunity to move to North Carolina. North Carolina’s centralized location on the eastern coast of America means it is a perfect combination to enjoy all four seasons, with mountains, rivers and beaches within driving distance. That is just the beginning of the amazing life you can live after a long distance move to North Carolina. Read on.

There’s a theme running through the North Carolina tourist industry, and that theme seems to be “why wouldn’t you want to move here?”

It’s hard to argue the point. Between the views offered by the Atlantic Coast and the Appalachian Mountains, the state offers plenty of eye candy for anyone who enjoys the natural beauty of a good-looking state. Throw in the culture, business and career opportunities, and the nearly endless offerings of outdoor activities, and you may soon find yourself renting a moving truck.

The state features three geographic regions: the coastal plains in the east are the coastal plains, the Piedmont region in the center, and the Blue Ridge Mountains and Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the west, with miles of parks and beaches in between. Regionally, the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas make up what’s known as the “Triangle” region, where most of the state’s popular destinations reside.

North Carolina can be a really attractive place to live. Maybe it’s the low cost of living, maybe it’s the people, or it could possibly be the outdoor activities (whitewater rafting! WOO!), but living here offers residents a lot.

North Carolina offers a unique range of career opportunities in multiple industries, be they corporate jobs or small businesses.

Historically speaking, the economy of North Carolina was based on the twin pillars of tobacco production and manufacturing. Over time, those two pillars have been replaced by finance, energy, and technology, resulting in an exciting local economy.

Banking has been one of the state’s biggest economic factors, which Charlotte constantly ranking as one of the top three banking cities in the U.S. Additionally, North Carolina has the distinction of being one of the nation’s top five producers of electricity from nuclear power, which also serves as the largest fuel source for electricity generation in North Carolina. Major biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have also been making their way to North Carolina in the last few years, not to mention defense and security industries.

Oh, and thanks to companies like Ashley Furniture, Ethan Allen, and Century, North Carolina also claims to be the “Furniture Capital of the World.”

In terms of seasonal temperatures, North Carolina’s motto could be “moderation.”

Unlike some of its neighbors to the south, the state experiences all four seasons. Unlike its neighbors to the north, however, the summer and winter extremes tend to be greatly lessened here. In other words, don’t expect to see a great deal of crazy weather in the Tar Heel State.

The mountain areas get more snow, the lower areas get more rain, and the heat tends to average in the high 80s while the low averages don’t go below 20 degrees. So what does that mean for a new resident? For one thing, sweater weather will definitely be a thing in the fall. For another thing, shorts and tank tops will still come in handy during the summer. As will sunscreen and bug spray.

Oh, and hurricanes do occasionally come ashore to say hi.

As mentioned above, outdoor enthusiasts will find a great deal to like about North Carolina. Never mind the whitewater rafting; this state has plenty of parks to enjoy, lakes and rivers for swimming and boating, mountains to climb and repel down, and beaches to do all the things one can do on a beach.

But if communing with nature or challenging yourself in the great outdoors doesn’t sound like a good way to spend the afternoon, the cities of North Carolina offer museums and performance halls toured by major exhibits and production companies. Craft beer and wineries can also be found throughout the state (especially in Asheville), not to mention a few cideries and food truck events.

Side note: we always assumed cider was made in a brewery. Go figure.

The state also plays host to the Carolina Balloon Festival in Statesville and the North Carolina Apple Festival in Hendersonville, to say nothing of the almost-weekly parade of music, food, and art festivals.

Culturally speaking, North Carolina enjoys a rich and diversified history. Some of the best barbeque in the U.S. can be found here, although debate continues to rage over tomato vs. vinegar as a sauce base. Southern cooking standbys like grits, biscuits, and gravy will be readily available, so you should try them at least once if you never had. If you’re moving to North Carolina from another southern state, most of this advice will not apply to you.

North Carolina also claims to be home to over 180 unique languages, but if you order an iced tea in any of those language, it will always be a sweet tea.

The state does have professional sports teams in the NFL (the Panthers) and the NHL (Hurricanes), but true fans will announce themselves during college basketball season with the UNC Tar Heels or Duke Blue Devils. Or the NASCAR races, which also has a strong presence in North Carolina. Between football and burning rubber, the sports experiences in the Tar Heel State will never be lacking.

Music plays a huge role in state culture as well, North Carolina being home to numerous musicians including Nina Simone, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, and Earl Scruggs. Current musicians play everything from jazz to heavy metal. To find out more, visit the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area and PineCone Traditional Artist Directories.

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