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The Pros and Cons of Move-In Ready Homes

The Pros and Cons of Move-In Ready Homes
December 29, 2020

Opting for a move-in ready home simplifies the often-lengthy buying or building process – and frankly, it tends to simplify everything else, too.

 We understand that the home buying process isn’t always straightforward, and that’s why we wrote this article. At Colonial Van Lines, we aim to provide you with necessary information regarding all things moving, including which type of home would best suit you and your family. Read on to evaluate your home-buying options and see if a move-in ready home is the right choice for you.

First, what exactly is a move-in ready home?

Move-in ready homes, otherwise known as inventory homes or spec homes, are houses built by homebuilders without a purchase contract in place. These homes are usually complete or nearing completion before being sold. As its name implies, these homes are ready for you to move in immediately after purchase. They come equipped with all the bare necessities like electricity and plumbing, functioning appliances, locking doors and windows, and modern cabinetry and flooring. Realtor.com provides a detailed list of what you can expect to find in a move-in ready home.

Benefits of buying a move-in ready home

1.You’ll typically save money. 

One of the obvious benefits of opting for a move-in ready home is that it’s cheaper than building a custom home. You won’t have to pay for the labor expenses that come with building a house, which adds up quickly and can be more expensive than buyers initially anticipated. If you’re still calculating a home buying budget, check out this useful buyers guide from Nerdwallet.com.

Buying a move-in ready home can sometimes seem like a lot of money upfront, but long-term costs are usually cut significantly. It’s important to keep in mind that they’re generally inexpensive to maintain because these homes are new. They’re built with modern plumbing, appliances, heating and air conditioning. This means you won’t have to stress about any unexpected out-of-pocket expenses like you would if you bought an older home. Additionally, modern construction materials and building practices used on move-in ready homes focus on efficiency and sustainability, meaning lower monthly utility bills.

2.You’ll definitely save time. 

If you’re on a tight schedule, a move-in ready home is your best option. Often the most significant hold up to moving into one of these homes is the loan approval.

Of course, a time constraint isn’t the only motive for buyers who decide on move-in ready homes. Perhaps you’re just busy and would prefer to get this show on the road, or just thinking about being responsible for the myriad of design elements of a custom home gives you butterflies. Whether you have a short time frame to move or you’d rather leave the decision making to the pros, a move-in ready home is an excellent option.

3.You’ll be less stressed.

Moving is stressful in itself. Building a home or moving into a home that requires a ton of renovation or constant upkeep is undeniably stress-inducing.

4. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting. 

A move-in ready home is ready when you are. You’ll have the opportunity to walk through before taking the plunge, which you obviously can’t do with a custom home. You’ll get to inspect every nook and cranny to make sure it’s to your liking instead of having to visualize a house from a floor plan.

5.They’re designed to be attractive to buyers. 

Because move-in ready homes are designed to appeal to a wide range of homebuyers, they’re easy to sell in the future, making move-in ready homes a good investment.

Cons of move-in ready homes

1.You’ll have limited design choices.

Most of these homes are complete or nearing completion upon purchase, which means you’ll have little to no input on the design elements. As stated earlier, this could be seen as a pro if you’d rather not be bogged down by more decision making. Of course, you’ll still get to decorate the house to your heart’s content.

2.You won’t get to choose an exact location.

Unlike a custom home, you can’t choose where a spec home is built. Be sure to consider where you want to live before falling in love with a move-in ready home. Liking a house is just as important as liking the neighborhood it’s in. This isn’t to say that a spec home can’t be found in the perfect locale.

3.There are likely similar homes nearby.

Move-in ready homes are often built-in neighborhoods or complexes with other move-in ready homes. If you’re pining for a truly one-of-a-kind home, then a move-in ready home probably isn’t for you.

4.They sell quickly.

The housing market is hot right now, and most houses are getting nabbed quickly, and move-in ready homes are built for the sole purpose of being sold as soon as possible. If you want or need some extra time to sell your current house, the builders rush to sell could pose an issue.

At Colonial Van Lines, we know that everybody’s situation is different. When the time comes to buy a home, it’s essential to decide what’s most important to you and your family. We hope that our guide on move-in ready homes gets you one step closer to your dream home.

At Colonial Van Lines, we think that choosing a home should be the most challenging part of any move. Whether you prefer a hassle-free move-in ready home, a custom home, or a fixer upper, we’d love to be a part of your journey. Our team of friendly, experienced movers will ensure that your belongings arrive safely no matter where you’re going, be it across the state or country. There’s a reason Colonial Van Lines has long been considered the nation’s top moving company. 

We know that moving can be stressful, and with this in mind, we promise to make the last stretch of your move the most straightforward part. We offer high-quality end-to-end service, including packing, moving and storage. We’ll create a customized moving plan for you, that fits your unique needs and your budget. Contact us today to get your free transparent rate quote.  


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