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10 Things to do for a Smooth Moving Day

10 Things to do for a Smooth Moving Day
February 14, 2021

You’ve been exhaustively preparing for moving day over the course of several weeks. You’ve already packed up most of your belongings and decluttered your soon-to-be former home. Most importantly, you’ve hired a professional moving company that you trust.

You’re sick of tripping over boxes. You’re likely wishing that you could fast forward through the chaotic and often tedious moving process and just be settled into your new home already, ideally without a single moving box in sight.

Unfortunately, we aren’t well versed in time travel. But with over five decades of experience providing quality relocation services, we’re pretty well versed on all things moving.  

As moving day inches closer and closer, you might be wondering, now what?

You’re not done just yet, but you can exhale, because the hardest part is over.

As the big day approaches, you’ll want to make sure you’re set to do these essential things on moving day so that all goes according to plan. We’re all about organizing for your move before the day of, but there are ten things that can (and should) wait until moving day. Read on for some insight into how you can stave off moving day disasters on the day of your relocation.

1.) Plan to get up early and have a hearty breakfast.

Go to sleep at a reasonable hour and set your alarm for about an hour earlier than you need to. This gives you time to mentally go over everything that needs to be done, while making sure that you didn’t gloss over any important details before the movers arrive. Don’t forgo a healthy breakfast, you’ll need ample energy to get through the move (even if your movers are doing most of the heavy lifting).

2.) Wear the right clothes.

Moving day is always a long day, so dress accordingly. We recommend wearing clothing that’s breathable and maneuverable, paired with your comfiest tennis shoes. If you’re going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting, be sure to wear clothing that will protect you from knicks and avoid clothing that’s too loose, as it may get caught on something.

3.) Pack the last of your belongings.

Once you’ve finished your morning ritual, it’s time to pack your remaining items. Things like sheets, pillows, blankets, toiletries, kitchen utensils, lamps, and anything you’ll need for the trip to your new home will need to be packed.

Important reminder: Keep your overnight bag separate from all that’s going on the moving truck.

4.) If possible, find another spot for the kids and pets to spend the day.

Little kids and pets are cute and (usually) mean well, but they can get in the way during a move and could potentially get hurt. If you can, make arrangements for your smallest two and four-legged family members to spend the day at a friend or relative’s house. If not, set aside a space in the house where they’re able to eat, play, and relax while staying out of harm’s way.

5.) Set aside anything you don’t want packed in the moving truck.

If space permits, we recommend putting the belongings that you intend to transport in your vehicle into a separate room to avoid confusion with the movers. If your space is on the smaller side, put it all in a designated pile and let the movers know not to pack it. You can add a handwritten ‘Off Limits’ sign to the pile for added assurance. Alternatively, you can pack these items in your car before the movers arrive.

In addition to keeping your overnight bag of essentials with you, you’ll also want to transport your valuables. Things like nice jewelry, expensive handheld electronics, chargers, and prescribed medications should be kept with you to prevent loss.

6.) Don’t have the utilities shut off on moving day.

Moving can be stressful and often takes longer than anticipated, even with a team of talented movers at your side. A long day paired with no ability to flush the toilets is a recipe for a move that stinks, in more ways than one.

Important reminder: Make sure you have enough toilet paper for not just you, but everyone involved in the move.

7.) Keep some snacks and drinks on hand.

Whether you’re working with pros or pals, don’t forget to have snacks and water available for your family and everyone who’s helping with the move. It’ll help to keep everyone’s energy up while also keeping them in good spirits.

8.) Don’t load up all of your cleaning supplies.

After everything is moved out of your old place, you’ll almost certainly need to clean, especially if it’s a rental. Pack up any nonessential cleaning supplies and put an all-purpose cleaner, some washcloths, and a vacuum or broom with your ‘Off Limits’ pile.

9.) Check for forgotten items.

Once your final items have been loaded onto the truck, do a walk-through to make sure everything that’s supposed to be in the moving truck has made it onto the moving truck. Check all the closets, cabinets, drawers, etc. Be sure to do this before the movers leave.

10.) Clean and secure your old home.

Give the old digs a good final cleaning and take out the garbage. Make sure all the lights, fans, and air conditioners are turned off. Write down or photograph your final meter readings so that you can verify it matches up when you receive the bill. Last but not least, close and lock all the doors, and bid adieu to your old home.

We hope this article helps you feel further prepared for your impending move, and we hope you call on us to get you wherever you’re going. Whether you’re moving near or far, Colonial Van Lines can simplify the moving process. From planning to packing to storage, we have the materials, the friendly staff, and the experience to assist you with every aspect of your move. Contact us today for a free rate quote, and we’ll customize your move according to your needs and budget.


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