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7 Items you don’t want to pack into a storage unit

7 Items you don't want to pack into a storage unit
March 23, 2021

At Colonial Van Lines, we cannot overemphasize the pride that we take in our clean, climate-controlled, state of the art storage facilities. And as a full-service moving company, we love nothing more than to be able to offer our wide range of storage units and flexible plans. But while we want to provide our customers with every possible convenience, there are a few things we don’t think you should pack in our storage units. So, just to make it clear for all of our customers, and ensure that no one takes it personally, we have made a list of some of the items that we feel have no place in a storage unit.

Items That You Don’t Want to Pack in a Storage Unit

Bring us your oversized, your seasonal, your heirlooms, and your valuables, but don’t bring us the following:

Flammable and Combustible Items

Topping our list of items that we’d rather not keep in our storage rooms are those which are flammable and combustible. Ultimately, we don’t think it is in anyone’s best interest to pack anything into a storage unit that is capable of starting a fire, which could result from a sudden spike in temperature. Some of the items to avoid include aerosols, fireworks, lighter fluid, paints, old batteries, jerry cans, propane tanks, and kerosene lamps.

Hazardous Materials

We also recommend that you refrain from storing Haz-Mats in our storage facility or any other. Although they may look harmless in their containers, cleaning products, ammonia and bleach, insecticides, pesticides, roofing tar, paint, paint thinner and paint remover can be highly dangerous when exposed to certain conditions and other substances.


Although why anyone would want to store garbage may seem beyond comprehension, we feel it would be a serious oversight to leave it out of this article. Garbage is disgusting. It draws rodents, bugs, and vermin and it stinks to high heaven.


As sentient as our security guards are, caring for our customers’ plants is not among their list of job requirements. If you want to see your green friends alive and well, we do not recommend storing them in our facilities. Aside from that, plants attract insects and pests, which we would prefer to keep out of the warehouse. Gardeners may feel free to store their tools, shovels, and other equipment in our units, but we draw the line at live plants.

Animals: Dead or Alive

Climate controlled though our units may be, we do not consider them appropriate living quarters for your turtles, fish, or iguanas. And as for our taxidermist friends, please refer to sparefoot.com for tips.

Perishable Food

Yes, perishable food will perish. And it has no better chance of staying alive in our storage units than it does in your refrigerator or cabinet. Meat, cereal, dairy food, and produce are all subject to spoilage. Even your dog’s kibble is a no-go for a storage unit.

Scented or Wet Items

It only takes one rotten apple to spoil the barrel and it only takes one wet item to spread moisture to your entire storage unit. Wet items put your belongings at risk of growing mold and mildew. Consider using desiccants to keep your unit moisture-free.

Floral scents, stinky shoes, and smelly socks also attract pests. Be kind to your storage neighbors by keeping highly scented items out of your unit.

Packing A Storage Unit with Colonial Van Lines

Although we may not welcome everything into our storage units, we do want our customers to know they are more than welcome to use them. And we do ensure our units meet our triple S standards:

Secure: We store your belongings in high-quality units, which we thoroughly document for easy access and identification.

Spacious:  We have ample square footage to accommodate oversized items such as trampolines, furniture, and commercial storage.  

State of the Art:  Our temperature-controlled facility is designed to preserve the condition of your belongings.  Our warehouse is pest resistant, dust resistant, and built to minimize the risk of mold and mildew.

Beyond Storage

Of course, Colonial Van Lines is more than a storage service, we’re a moving service. And with over 50 years of experience, we’re also pretty good at moving. If you’ve got a long-distance move in your near future, we’ve got you covered from beginning to end.

Free Rate Quotes: Our free no obligation rate quotes guarantee that you’ll only pay for the services you ask for.

Packing: Our conscientious packers have the knowledge, skill, and experience to pack your items quickly and correctly.

Long Distance MovingWhether your move takes you east to west, north to south, state to state, or from sea to shining sea, trust Colonial Van Lines, long-distance movers, to get you there as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Remember, our storage space is always at our customers’ disposal for long-term, short-term, commercial, and residential storage. Contact us for your no-obligation free rate quote today. And when it comes to packing your storage unit, keep it safe and clean so we can keep it up to our triple S standards.


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