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8 Must-Have Apps When Moving To A New Town

8 Must-Have Apps When Moving To A New Town
November 22, 2019

Moving to a new home is never an easy undertaking. It becomes a lot more difficult when you are moving to a new town. Even if you are excited about leaving your current location, starting life afresh in a new town can be a lot to handle. No matter how easy-going and charismatic you are, it will take time to settle in your new environment. From finding your way around to meeting new people, you will need all the help you can get. This is where moving apps come in.

Chart-Topping Moving Apps

Just like in other areas of our lives, technology has a way of making things easier for individuals moving to new towns. There are several apps that can make the processes of moving and getting accustomed to your new environment easier. Here, we will briefly discuss some moving apps you must have to make your life easy when you move to a new town:


When it comes to finding the right neighborhood, Niche is one of the apps you can trust. You will get all the data you need about the town you are moving to as well as the neighborhoods you are considering calling your new home. You will get all the information you need to make an informed decision through this app.


One of the most tasking aspects of moving is setting up your utilities in the new town. Updater is one app that will make the experience easier. This is awesome moving assistance will let you update your address for just about anything and organize all your moving tasks in one place. Using the updater will let you get everything in place in time and have enough spare time to explore your new neighborhood.


It is likely that you already have Uber in your mobile device. Even if you are not a fan of ridesharing, you may need it when you are moving to a new town. The app will be incredibly helpful when you are not in the mood for public transport. It will also be helpful when you need other drivers to take you around the town until you are confident to start driving around on your own. Uber will also come to the rescue during late nights in a new town. Lyft is a worthy alternative to Uber.

Gas Buddy

This is one of the most exciting moving apps for those who will love to start commuting to their workplace or other interesting places soon after arriving in the new town. No matter where you are in the city, the app will help you locate nearby gas stations and compare them. This will let you find your cheapest option in any part of town. You will get full maps and charts about gas pricing. It will also help you to figure out how much you will be spending on gas as you commute each day.

Google Maps

Like Uber, this is not one of the dedicated moving apps but a popular helpful tool. Odds are you already have this app. While it is inbuilt on Android phones, it is also available on iOS. It has been around for a while but remains very popular due to how useful it is. You might have used Google Maps on several occasions and you should be ready to use it more in your new town. The navigation tool is great for moving around town without the risk of getting lost. There are several other impressive features explore specific areas, pin places of interest and enjoy your new town.

Walk Score

This started as a simple tool that will let users know how walkable a neighborhood is but has grown bigger in many ways. Currently, walk score is a nifty tool that will help you do several things including scoping out your new town for apartments, attractions, restaurants and just about anything. You will also get commute tips to make informed decisions about biking, walking, driving, or taking public transit. With this excellent moving app, you will be able to plan your daily transportation, and this can help make your first few days in your new town easier.


Making new friends in a new town can be a little more difficult than you will imagine. With meetup, however, you don’t have to worry much about that. The app will let you meet people in your new town who share common interests. Whether you are looking for outdoor adventurists, fitness enthusiasts, linguists, or even techies, you will likely find a group in your new town. There are meetup groups in most cities and new members are always welcome to join. The best part is that there is no romantic context for joining such a group. You are at liberty to pick your new friends from the meetup group.


It is helpful to stay connected with what is happening around you. This is even more necessary when you just moved to a new town. NextDoor is one of the best moving apps that will help you achieve that. It is a 100% private social media app for community news, events, networking, and even crime reporting. Users are verified by address to keep intruders away. You will get localized recommendations for all kinds of places, events, and anything at all. It is also the perfect platform to socialize in your new neighborhood without knocking on someone’s door. It is a trusted platform where helpful tips can be shared.

Moving to a new city can be challenging. It is a challenge you should accept and do all you can to cope. With some of the above-recommended moving apps, you will be just fine. Install the ones you need and embrace your life in your new town.

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