9 Tips to Move Out of a Dorm Room

Dorm life can be exciting. You get to meet new people and form lifelong friendships while living with hundreds of students from around the country and even the world. However, with the fun and novelty comes some not-so-enjoyable realities: Dorm life means studying, cleaning, and, when the time comes, packing everything up to move out.  

Packing isn’t often a fun activity, and we’re not here to suggest that dorm room moving should be fun. But it certainly doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world—you could even enjoy a sense of accomplishment at having gotten it done quickly and efficiently. And thanks to our tips to move out of a dorm room, you should have a good handle on just how to do exactly that. 

9 Dorm Room Moving Tips

Below is our comprehensive list of tips for packing and moving out of your dorm. 

  1. Sort Through Your Things

Start by taking inventory of what you have. Do you need them? What can you get rid of, give away, or throw out? The more you sift through your belongings, the fewer items you’ll need to pack. This means less time spent moving.

  1. Pack Early

We can almost guarantee that no matter how much stuff you’ve gotten rid of ahead of time, you’ll still have things you need to finish boxing come moving day. That’s why it’s a good idea to start packing early. Always budget extra time, because packing usually takes longer than most people think. 

  1. Trade Your TV for a Projector

TVs are great to have in the dorm, but they can be a complete pain on moving day. They are bulky, heavy, and often fragile. We recommend replacing TVs with a projector that connects to your laptop. You’ll still be able to watch all your favorite shows, but you’ll reduce the amount of packing space.

  1. Use Reusable Grocery Bags

Pack items like shoes in reusable grocery bags. Reusable grocery bags are super handy for moving because they are sturdier than regular plastic bags and more disposable than your luggage, making them ideal for packing shoes or other potentially dusty items. Reusable grocery bags also work well for transporting food and toiletries.

  1. Use Suitcases

Use your luggage to pack books and clothing. Luggage is made to transport belongings, so take advantage of this and fill each suitcase before you start using boxes. Pack heavier items into roller bags and use duffle bags for clothing and linens. 

  1. Don’t Pack Food

The last thing you’re going to want on your plate—so to speak—is extra food on moving day. Avoid grocery shopping in the days before because then you’ll be saddled with having to either throw it all away, which would be a waste, or packing it up and taking it with you. Food and other perishables can easily get overlooked and wind up rotting in a forgotten suitcase or box. Instead, try eating everything you can so that there’s next to nothing left for you to take with you on moving day. 

  1. Roll Instead of Fold

Pro packing tip? You can fit more clothing into your luggage, duffle bags, or plastic bins if you fold them. It takes up less space, and you’d be surprised how much more you can squeeze in when you roll. Consider doing this for all your clothes as you pack them. 

  1. Keep Things on Hangers

Another pro packing tip: if you have a bunch of stuff on hangers, don’t waste your time removing them. Just bundle them together by slipping a plastic bag over the top. This makes it faster to carry clothes from your dorm room to the car, saving you time when unpacking. 

Colonial Van Lines Can Help

Our team of professional movers has been in the moving business for decades. You can trust us to help with any type of move you have on your hands, including moving out of a dorm room. Contact us today to learn more and to request a free quote. 

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