Are Holidays the Best Time to Move?

Figuring out when to move can be a complex decision. There are a lot of factors to consider. The summer months may seem like the best time to move, but when you stop to consider the heat and amount of traffic you’ll likely be dealing with, the thought of moving during the summer might turn sour. 

So when is the best time to move? Have you ever considered the winter? Or during the holidays? As it happens, the holiday season can be one of the very best times to plan and execute your move. 

Moving During the Holiday Season

Moving during the holiday season is a great way to get a fresh start on the new year. Let’s take a closer look at some of the positive things that can come from packing up during this chilly but happy time of year. 

Pros for Moving During the Holidays

  • Off-Season Discounts: The most popular time to move is during the summer months. Since most people move during that time of the year, it makes sense that prices for moving are going to be steeper. On the other hand, you’re going to experience some great off-season discounts when you move during the holidays.
  • More Helping Hands: People are off work during the holiday season. And the kids aren’t in school. This means there are going to be more hands to help with the packing and moving. The holidays are also a time when neighbors and friends are more willing to help out, so take advantage of that as you plan your holiday move. 
  • Start the New Year Fresh: Moving during the holidays might seem like a hassle initially, but consider how fresh and exciting it will feel to start the new year in a new home. It’ll be even easier to feel motivated to keep all your new year’s resolutions from your new location. Nothing sparks motivation to change things up like living in a new home in a new city.

Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Now that we’ve established all the pros you’ll experience when you move during the holidays, let’s take a closer look at some tips for moving during the holidays: 

  • Put it On Your Calendar Early: The holidays are a busy time, there’s no denying that. With that understanding in mind, the first tip for planning to move during that time is to plan ahead. Put it on your calendar months in advance. Mark off dates for packing and dates that won’t work. The more planned out you are, the better prepared you’ll be for the actual move. Be flexible with your dates, and consider how much time you’ll need to execute all the necessary steps. 
  • Start Packing Early: You’ll need more time to pack than you think. And when you add to that the naturally busy time of year the holidays are, there’s a lot of room for mistakes. Or for running out of time. The more you keep track of your packing on the calendar, the more prepared you’ll be to execute the actual move. 
  • Keep Daylight Savings in Mind: Each day leading up to the winter solstice gets darker. Add the end of daylight savings to the mix, which accelerates the darkening of daylight, and you’re going to be in a position you might not love. But that can be easily remedied if you plan ahead and know exactly how many hours of daylight you have to work with, both at your current place and in your new location. 
  • Budget: Moving costs money. We suggest keeping track of these costs in a budget. Take into account the fact that Christmas is a pricey time of year to begin with. Don’t let the potential for built-up expenses scare you, though. Budgets can really help. Keep track of what you plan to spend, how much you can spend, and on what items you need to spend, and you’ll be set. 
  • Keep Holiday Delivery Boxes: You’re going to need lots of moving boxes. And since the holidays usually involve lots of gift-giving, you’re probably going to find yourself in the position of having more than your usual number of boxes on-hand. These delivery gift boxes can help lighten your budget load for packing supplies. 
  • Prepare for the Weather: Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to plan for inclement weather. Winter weather can be difficult to navigate. But with proper planning and preparation, snow, rain, sleet, or hail don’t have to get in the way of your holiday move. Check the weather and keep in mind the months or times of the month that are likely to be worse than others, and plan your move accordingly. 

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